Can we recover permanently deleted files in Windows 7?

The world has moved to digital era where everything is carried out digitally like online shopping, digital marketing, internet voting and many more. It’s very hectic to backup entire information up-to-date by updating new technologies and concepts. Storing up all data onto computer, external storage device and other portable devices are rapidly increasing and are still in progress with emergence of advanced CMOS technology. But still there is a need to remove some of junk data and files from system to store new files. So, while erasing such unwanted files its quite common to face accidental deletion of certain essential files permanently. In such situations one will be wondering how to get back those files that were deleted permanently. Have a look on one such scenario stated below-

Hi, I deleted some of my important folder from Windows 7 permanently. This happened when I removed unnecessary files using Shift+Del action to free up space. Can anyone please help me to get those files back?”

Well, there is no need to worry about it. Indeed, permanently deleted files are not wiped away completely from storage device. Only Delete tag will be assigned to those files in file system by Operating system. So when you try to fetch that deleted data, file system can’t provide you that. It will appear as if everything is lost but unless another file is overwritten, there is no chance of losing that file from system.

At this moment, the ultimate question that arise in our mind is can we recover permanently deleted files in Windows 7? Yes, now it is possible to retrieve files that are lost due to permanent deletion, using Yodot File Recovery application.


Want to restore files after permanent deletion in Windows 7?

Yodot File Recovery tool is well designed in a manner to bring back permanently deleted files from Windows systems in a rapid way. The application scans file system completely, searches for deleted files, identifies deleted entries from address table and regains them without altering its content. It helps to locate files created using MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, compressed files and many more from Windows 7. Not only files from Windows Hard Drives but also files from external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards etc can be successfully retrieved using this application. Along with Win 7 the utility is supportive to rest of all Windows versions.


Directions to implement Recovery software

  1. Visit here>> to install Yodot File Recovery utility on Windows 7 after downloading it
  2. Run program and select “Deleted file Recovery” option to start the process
  3. Select the drive/partition from where files need to be retrieved
  4. Scanning takes place and extracted files will be listed
  5. Use Preview option to view retrieved files
  6. Select destination location to save rescued files


Note! Avoid losing your files permanently in future by following below suggestions:

  • – Have regular backup of vital files
  • – Avoid deleting files without confirming
  • – Don’t save any data to the drive unless deleted files are recovered
  • – Before installing any third party application, make sure the system is well secured using    updated Anti-virus utility