My Recovered AVI Files are Corrupted

“Hi folks, I had vital collection of AVI files related to my project which I accidentally deleted due to some ignorance. However, I used one of the software available online to recover AVI files and the end results were amazing as the files were restored back immediately. But later on I noticed that some of the AVI files are corrupt. Can anyone help know how to fix corrupt AVI files?

Before ascertaining that the AVI file is corrupt it’s better to verify if the file is really damaged or not. So try to play the same AVI file in a different media player or a computer. Still if .avi file does not play, then check whether media player is updated. Further, when users opt for unreliable third-party software to restore AVI files, there are high possibilities of file corruption. Hence users need to do a proper research before opting for third party file recovery software. But do you know how restored files turn corrupt? Recovered AVI files gets corrupted  when the software is not capable enough to completely get back all parts of files, due to malware, bad sectors, codec issues etc. Further, majority of in-built media players do not provide an option to repair damaged AVI files. But there is no need worry because in the below section a feasible approach has been provided.

Opt for advanced repair software

Here is a renowned application called Yodot AVI Repair that can fix AVI files with just a few clicks of mouse. Apart from AVI, this tool can even mend DIVX and XVID files. The user interface of this application is straightforward in approach and can be used even by a person with no prior technical expertise. This program facilitates fixing of data from internal hard disk and external devices like pen drives, memory sticks, memory cards etc. Further Yodot’s utility can smoothly run on major Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server or Windows 2008 Server.

Short guide to execute Yodot AVI Repair

Visit here to download this tool on Windows system. Then follow the installation program accordingly and then double click on it. Next, follow below-mentioned steps carefully,

Step 1: Firstly click on Open and specify path of file that needs to be repaired

Step 2: Click on Repair button so that software begins to examine corrupt parts of file and does necessary fixation. The advanced algorithm of the program does the task of fixing each and every part of corrupt AVI files.

Step 3: After successful completion of repair process, a window appears with repair status

Step 4: Click on Preview Repaired File to preview fixed AVI file and analyze where the repaired files play as expected

Step 5: Hit on Save Repaired File and choose a secure location to store repaired AVI files

Facing problem or have any question with regards to this product? Please contact Technical support team available 24 X 7

How to Play Uncompressed AVI?

Have you experienced any problem while opening uncompressed AVI file? And are you looking out for a solution to resolve this problem? Then you are into right place, keep reading the page as it will provide you a suitable solution to handle this problem.

When you face such kind of issues then it could be because of AVI file is corruption or there might be some problem with the media player that you are using. Try to open your file in other media player, if it works then problem solved. If not, your AVI file might have severe damage that player is not able to support it and hence displaying error message.

Now you might be thinking how to play uncompressed AVI? As your important AVI file is under risk, you can repair it only with the help of a trustworthy application called Yodot AVI Repair tool.

AVI Repair Program

Yodot software is a dependable program to fix any damaged or unplayable AVI media files on your Mac and Windows computers. It’s built in algorithm scans whole AVI file and fetches audio and video contents and forms a new recovered AVI file. This technique applies even to DIVX and XVID media file formats in a similar manner.

In addition, application is in-built with very friendly interface making the file repair process more convenient. It just requires a few number of clicks and you will get back your restored AVI files instantly within a matter of minutes. This utility includes a preview feature, whereby you can view repaired file after media file fixture.

Users can attempt with demo version for free and check out its repair potential before buying the product. Tool is available in separate versions for Windows and Mac operating systems, supporting all latest versions of it. It also extends technical help for users 24X7.

Steps involved to play uncompressed AVI file on Windows:

Step 1: if you are a Windows user you can simply find here to download Yodot AVI Repair software (This tool also supports for Mac OS)

Step 2: Install and execute the program as per provided guidelines

Step 3: Navigate through the location of corrupted AVI file in your computer

Step 4: Software takes this file as input and begins to repair as soon as Repair button is pressed

Step 5: It just takes few minutes to fix AVI file and then prompts a success message

Step 6: You can preview the fixed AVI file and save it in a secured storage location

Fix when AVI not playing in premiere pro

Is your AVI file unable to play in premiere pro? Do you want to fix this issue? Then you are in right place.

When you are trying to import an AVI file into Premiere Pro tool, an error message may prompt like “Unable to open that file. File uses an unsupported compression format” and sometimes you may face issue like AVI file will play only audio without video. Main reason for such kind of issues is AVI file corruption which takes place due to below mentioned reasons.

  • You might have created AVI files using digital cameras or software which does not support AVI standards
  • If the AVI file downloaded partially then it will get corrupt and shows the above kind of errors
  • If Premiere Pro tool has been terminated while playing AVI video then it might damage index of AVI file

To fix this problem, make use of the below given manual method.

Choose AVI file from the project view in Premiere Pro ->then go to file-> select Interpret Footage -> Inside the Interpret Footage dialog box, check the Ignore Alpha Channel option

After using above procedure also if you are unable to play AVI file in Premiere Pro then make use of a reliable AVI Repair tool.

Software to fix AVI not playing problems:

Yodot AVI Repair is an application to fix AVI not playing in premiere pro errors. This utility is built with advance scanning technology which helps to scan and fix the damaged AVI file without modifying it. Along with AVI file, it can even repair damaged XVID and DIVX video files on both Windows and Mac systems. By using this utility you can mend AVI videos which are recorded in various devices such as mobile phones, cameras, multimedia players etc. This software has capability to resolve problems in AVI file that won’t play on Mac, WMP, QuickTime, PowerPoint and so on. It is compatible on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 OS based systems. It can also support Mac machines running with Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite OS X Versions.

Directions to use the software:

Visit here to download Yodot AVI Repair tool on your Windows or Mac computer. Then install and run the application by following on screen instructions. Select the AVI file which you want to fix by using ‘Browse’ button. After that, click on “Repair” button to begin the repairing process. The progress of repairing process can be viewed by using “Status Bar”. Once the repair process completes, tool will display result along with AVI file description. You can see repaired file using “Preview” option before saving it. Then finally, save fixed AVI file to a desired destination location.

Fix AVI File Not Working on Windows 8

“Yesterday I got error “This AVI is broken. Seeking will not work currently. Do you want to repair it” in VLC media player on Windows 8 system. When I clicked Ok button it got solved, but again after few minutes AVI file displayed same error. And this time, after fixing the issue AVI file is not working on Windows 8 PC. How do I repair not working AVI file on Windows 8 system. I await your advice!!”

Well, similarly most of the users find themselves in scenarios as mentioned in first paragraph. Due to some logical issues or human faults, AVI file may not work on Windows 8 system. Let us look into some of factors, which results in unplayable AVI files in Windows 8 PC:

  • Incompatible codec issues: If you try to play AVI file in media player with incompatible codecs on Windows 8 system, then AVI file may not work
  • Malicious software Attack: Suspicious external threats like viruses / Trojan / spyware etc make AVI file inaccessible by corrupting its internal structure on Windows 8 computer
  • Header corruption: Header of AVI file contains descriptive details about that video file. If header of AVI file get corrupt while changing its file extension or due to improper exit of media player on Windows PC, then that AVI file won’t work
  • Abnormal system shutdown: While playing AVI file, if you face unforeseen power failure or logical error, then the Windows 8 system get shutdown suddenly. This may leads to unplayable AVI file 

Other then these reasons, the AVI files may become unplayable due to some other factors. If you want to mend AVI file not working on Windows 8 system, then the problem of any type can be resolved with the aid of resourceful video file repair software like Yodot AVI Repair.

Yodot AVI Repair tool is finest video file repair software, which can efficiently fix AVI file not working on Windows 8 computer. Its simple graphical user interface makes it easy to repair AVI file not playing on Windows 8 system without much technical knowledge. Along with AVI files, you can mend unplayable XVID, DVIX video files under various reasons on Windows 8 computer. Including Windows 8 OS, this repair software works well with other versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to fix AVI file not working on Windows 8 PC:

Download and install Yodot AVI Repair program to your Windows 8 system. Later setup the software and follow the main screen procedure. Select the “Browse” option to choose the not working AVI file that has been fixed on Windows 8 system and then click on “Repair” button, to start the repair process. The tool will scan and repair the AVI file not working efficiently. Once repair process gets completed, then it will show the AVI video file with its file description. You can preview the fixed AVI file by using “Preview Repaired file” option. At lat, save mended AVI file to your desired location by clicking on “Save Repaired file” option on Windows 8 computer or other storage devices.


Fix AVI File that won’t Play in Windows Media Player

Assume this situation: You tried playing AVI file in Windows Media Player. But instead of playing, it displayed an error message that “This AVI is broken. Seeking will not work correctly”. You closed Windows media player and reopened it to play AVI file but same thing repeated. At that moment you may not understand what to do and why Windows Media Player is displaying such messages.

Well, don’t be nervous!!! Try playing AVI file in VLC media player if it plays then there is some problem in Windows Media Player. So uninstall it from your computer and then reinstall so that you can play AVI file in Windows Media Player as well. But if same problem persists when you play AVI file using VLC or any other media player then it is advised to install Codec in your Windows computer. However, if same message displays then it clearly indicates that AVI file is corrupted. Therefore to make it play, you have to fix it using repair software. But before you go further to fix AVI file, let us have a look at the situation that leaves AVI file in corrupted state.

  • Software malfunction: Windows media player does not respond if there is any software malfunction and in such case if you do not wait for its response and forcefully close then AVI files won’t play in Windows Media Player
  • Virus intrusion: In case AVI file is infected with the viruses then it does not play in Windows media player and instead displays error messages indicating its corruption
  • Transfer Error: If something goes wrong and transmission process gets interrupted then AVI file present in storage media will be corrupted and becomes inaccessible
  • Improper download: AVI file is likely to get corrupted when download process of AVI file gets terminated as a result of system shutdown then

As there is no manual way to repair corrupted AVI file, it is advised to download and install software like Yodot AVI Repair to your computer. This software has the potential to repair AVI file that does not play in Windows Media Player and other multimedia player. Along with AVI files, it can fix DIVX and XVID files on both windows and Mac operating system. Soon after repair process gets finished, you could preview repaired AVI file and save it to the preferred location. The steps to repair AVI files are as follows:

Download Yodot AVI Repair software to your Windows computer and install it on your Windows computer. Press here. Open the application and follow the instructions given on the screen. Select corrupted AVI file which you want to repair using “Browse” option. After selecting corrupted AVI file click on “Repair” option to start the repair process. The repair process is displayed on the progress bar and after completion of repair process tool displays your AVI video file description. Preview repaired video file before saving. At last, save repaired AVI file to your desired destination location.