Office Word 2013 Has Stopped Working

Yesterday when I was working on Word document in Microsoft Office 2013, suddenly the application closed. I waited for few minutes to open it again it got closed. The problem here is, the document which I worked on is not opening even on another system. I don’t know what happened with the file. I need to submit it in college tomorrow. It would be helpful can anyone help me to make it opened? I’ll be waiting.

This type of situation occurs and may end up corrupting your Word document. The following is the list of factors that affects Word document. Read the instances to be careful in future:

  • Sudden system shut down while working on a Word file
  • Word files get’s corrupt due to improper OS-reinstallation
  • Due to improper application upgrade
  • Accidental alteration because of CRC errors

The above situations make your Word document corrupt due to which you might get to see various errors. However, if any of the above instances is same to your scenario, then don’t worry because; by accessing a right solution you can deal with the situation. Let’s continue to know more.

Easy way to fix Word document

Yodot DOC Repair tool is the perfect solution to fix Word document which is displaying Word 2013 has stopped working error. It is an ultimate program, to fix Word file that is severely corrupt or even inaccessible. The program works on reading only option so it will not alter even a single content in Word file. This application first repairs and then retrieves data available in the file i.e., text formatting, headers and footers, fonts, tables, OLE objects, etc. It supports Microsoft Word versions 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. To run this utility, you need a system having Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10).

Step by step procedure to execute the tool

Navigate through this link to download Yodot DOC Repair software -> Finish installation steps that are required to use the utility -> As soon as, the main screen appeared on screen, you will find ‘Browse’ option on it -> Click on it and browse the corrupt file -> Now hit ‘Repair button -> The application then starts repairing the file and the contents available in it -> Observe the repair status in progress bar -> Once it is done, preview the document to confirm -> At last, save it to any target location on your host computer.

How to Fix Microsoft Word on Windows 8?

My Word file is not responding; from past few days I am working with Word document to create project report on Windows 8 computer. Report was almost finished; but today morning to take it printout I tried to open that Word file, I really shocked…! It shows inaccessibility error message while opening. Word file contains 150 pages of my report… I don’t have backup of that report. Now I am in very bad condition. Please suggest proper solution to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.

The above mentioned behavior normally indicates Word file corruption. In such case, no need to worry; MS Office Word application facilitates ‘Open and Repair’ feature to repair broken Word file. Here you will get to know some simple steps to repair Word file on Windows 8:

Open MS Word application -> Click on File menu (Word 2007 and 2010 Click Office button) -> Click Open -> Choose corrupt Word file -> Click the down arrow on the Open button then Click Open and Repair.

Other than this, open corrupt Word document, it will show dialogue box in which Click OK. Again, it displays one more dialogue box with Yes, No, and Help option. Click on Yes option.

Moreover, severely corrupted word files may not be fixed with above mentioned techniques. Then, how to repair Microsoft Word on Windows 8? Obviously this question arises in this situation. Fortunately, there is a solution to fix this problem. This article introduces professional software to help you in bad situation. With the help of this utility you can easily fix damaged Word file on Windows 8 system.

Software to fix broken Word file on Windows 8:

Yodot DOC Repair software is right choice; it fixes severely damaged Word document on Windows 8 within few mouse click. This repairing tool provides advanced scanning technique to fix DOC and DOCX Word documents. Additionally, it recovers all the elements of Word file such as text format, tables, hyperlinks, bookmark, charts, pictures, screenshots, shapes and many more. After completion of fixing process it provides preview of repaired Word file for user’s confirmation. 24/7 technical support is offered for users about the software. This repairing utility is compatible with various Microsoft Office suite versions such as MS Office 2000, MS Office 2002, MS Office 2003, MS Office 2007, MS Office 2010 and MS Office 2013. Additionally, this program is well suited to work on several Windows OS based computers like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 2003.

Implementation – Simple repair procedure:

  • Visit this link to download and install Yodot DOC Repair application
  • Launch and run the program
  • Click on Browse and select Word document which you need to fix
  • Then, Click on Repair button ; then it will start repairing process
  • After successful completion of repair, you will get alert message as ‘File Repaired Successfully’
  • Select on ‘Click here to preview option’ for your confirmation

Finally, to get full provision of this software you need to purchase the product key. It is really exact solution to repair your damaged Microsoft Word file on Windows 8 computer. Why you are making delay…? It’s right time to buy the repairing application.

Open Corrupt Microsoft Word File

“Hi somebody help me! I am in panic situation. Few days before I saved my official Word files in my Windows PC. While saving them everything is perfect. But today when I want to use them again I was shocked. It’s not opening. While trying to open it its showing different kind of errors messges. I am unable to understand those errors. Later I came to know that due to virus infection its got corrupted. But if I apply Antivirus software, then there may be a chance of deletion of my Word file. So someone suggest me how to repair or open corrupt Word file.”

Microsoft Office Word is a most vital application which is commonly used to create documents or text files. Apart from text, we can also include other forms of data objects like clips arts, tables, graphs, pictures, hyperlinks and many more objects in Word files. It is highly used to prepare official documents for future reference. But due to some human errors Word file will get corrupt and will arise lot of issues while trying to access it. The reason for Word file corruption is listed below:

  • If is there any interruption occurs like sudden system shutdown while working or while Word file is in use then it will get corrupt
  • While converting Word file from one format to other(from DOC to DCOX) by using Round tripping process there may be a chance of Word files corruption
  • If Word file is infected by virus attack, then it will become inaccessible
  • If the storage devices is corrupted where the Word files has saved, then automatically the Word files which are stored in it become inaccessible

To make open corrupted Microsoft Word file again, you need a Word repair tool. If you want to repair your Word document by simply applying 2 to 3 steps, then Yodot DOC Repair software is the right choice for you.  This application can repair your corrupted Word files effortlessly.

Software to open corrupt Microsoft Word file:       

Yodot DOC Repair is proficient software to repair corrupt Microsoft Word files, which are corrupted in various strategic situations. This tool repair not only text document but also the Word file which include attributes like charts, OLE object, tables, hyperlinks and so on. This application has the ability to repair inaccessible Microsoft Word files which fails to open due to errors like there is not enough memory or disk space to complete operation error, CRC error, Word cannot open the existing [square] in template error and may other. This program supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Procedure to open corrupt Microsoft Word file:

Get here to download and install Yodot DOC Repair tool on your Windows computer. Run the application and follow onscreen instructions in order to repair corrupt Word file. Then browse the Word file that has to be repaired. Next click on “Repair” button to start repair process of corrupt Word file. After completion of repair process it will show success message like “File repaired successfully”. At last, save the repaired Word document in a desired location on Windows system.

Regain Text from Corrupt Word File

“Hi, I downloaded a Word file from internet related to a topic on which I need to prepare for seminar presentation in my college. When I opened that file next day, I was shocked to see that half of the page containing text was missing from that Word file. I don’t know the actual reason behind that and I need to present seminar tomorrow. Please help me regarding this issue, Thanks in advance”

Plenty of people like college students and business professionals will use Microsoft Word processor to prepare their project reports, resumes and other important files. Word file is the most commonly used file format to send text documents through e-mails because everyone can read this Word file using Word option in their system. You can insert images, charts, tables apart from text with utilization of this application. However, the users of this Word processor come across many problems when Word document gets corrupted or damaged.

Why text gets deleted or erased from corrupt Word document?

  • Word File header corruption: File header contains vital information about the file like creation date, file size, file format, etc.  If any little damage to this makes text deletion from that Word document
  • Virus attack: Macro virus severely corrupt Word document that tends to removal of text in it
  • CRC errors: While transferring Word files over internet due to CRC errors Word files become inaccessible and text will be erased from it
  • Other reasons: Power surge, software conflicts, oversizing issues might cause damage to Word files that results in text deletion while working on that document

At these situations we must take actions to repair damaged Word files before it become permanently inaccessible. Yodot DOC Repair software will help you to recover text from corrupt Word file after fixing it from all damage issues.

Best Qualities of this DOC Repair tool: 

Yodot DOC Repair application is reliable and smarter as it will rescue text from corrupted Word files in an effortless manner. This fantastic utility is capable of recovering text from encrypted and password protected Word documents after resolving all damage issues. It can also restore text from Word files that are refusing to open in just short span of time. As an amazing application it provides an option to view retrieved text from corrupted Word files of various versions of MS Word like Microsoft 2007, 2010 and 2013). This tool can easily regain text along with charts, images, tables and many others inserted in Word file. It is compatible with computers running with different Windows operating system versions such as Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, server 2003 and server 2008.

Procedure to Rescue Text from Damaged word file:

As a first step you need to download and install Yodot DOC Repair software on Windows PC. Run the application using onscreen options. After launching select the corrupted Word file from which text has to be recovered. Now click on “Repair” to initiate the repair process. Watch the status of fixing task on progress tab. Once mending procedure gets completed you can view fixed Word file. Then save that Word file on to desired and safe location and access text present in it.

Repair Word 2013 File

Word 2013 file gets corrupt sometimes and you will not be able to open it. You may get error messages when tried to open such files on your computer. You might have saved huge data in the document and had been working on it from a very long time. If you do not have backup of the corrupt Word 2013 document then you will get tensed. Be cool, you can repair Word 2013 document using the best Word repair tool on your computer. Below given are few of the scenarios when Word 2013 DOCX file gets corrupt.

Scenarios in which Word 2013 documents get corrupt:

  • When you convert Word 2013 document to other format and again to Word format then the file goes to corrupt state and this phenomenon is called Round Tripping
  • If Word 2013 file gets closed abruptly due to sudden system shutdown or any other scenario then .docx file gets corrupt
  • If Word 2013 DOCX file gets affected by viruses like Macro viruses then it will be corrupted and you will lose important data in Word file
  • If DOCX file is downloaded improperly then it will get corrupt resulting in loss of crucial data saved in it

Whatever may be the reason for Word 2013 file corruption, you can get back the DOCX file to working state using Yodot DOC Repair software.

Features of Word 2013 document repair software:

Yodot DOC Repair software helps you to repair Word 2013 document on your Windows computers. It has the simple user interface which even a novice can understand and use. You can get back all attributes in Word 2013 DOCX file like OLE Objects, images, text formats, hyperlinks, etc. using this program. This utility supports repairing Word 2013 files saved in drives formatted with NTFS, NTFS5 and FAT. This tool is capable of repairing even DOC files of prior versions of Microsoft Office suite.

Procedure to repair Word 2013 document:

Download Yodot DOC Repair software from here and install it on your PC. Run the tool and from the main screen, select corrupt Word 2013 document by browsing. Then click on “Repair” button to trig scan process. The software scans a corrupt .docx file and once the process is complete, preview Word 2013 document. Next use “Save” option to save Word 2013 document on a drive of the computer other than the scanned one, to avoid data overwritten.

How to Repair Corrupted Word 2003 File?

Word file may get corrupted sometimes and if you have any important data in it then it is really despairing condition. In such situations, you can restore them if you have any other source of that file. If not then you need to repair it on your computer. There are few methods to get your Word 2003 documents fixed. Try running CHKDSK and if something is wrong at file system level of computer drive in which Word file is saved then it will be fixed and you could open the Word 2003 file. You can even try rebuilding header of Word file, extract RAW text, use text converter on Word, use Open and Repair which is inbuilt Word repair tool on Windows. If you can get back access to Word document data then it is well and good. Otherwise, you need to rely on third party software. You can repair corrupt Word 2003 document using efficient repair tool.

Preventing Word file corruption is better than repairing it after corruption. You can save your time to repair Word file as well as be free of worries. Have a glance at corruption scenarios of Word files as given below:

  • Transfer interruption: Transferring process of Word 2003 file may leave it in corrupted state. Either between two drives on computer or any other external storage drive, transfer process gets interrupted due to sudden system shut down or loose connection in loop
  • Round tripping: When you convert Word files from one format to the other and convert it to the previous format again then it gets corrupted sometimes
  • CRC error: Word files will be having unique CRCs, if there are any changes in Word 2003 document then Word file gets corrupt
  • Macro virus: Macro viruses are programmed to corrupt Word documents by targeting them. Macro viruses incorporate undesired text to Word file to corrupt it

Apart from above scenarios there are various other reasons due to which Word 2003 files get corrupt. After any corruption scenario, you can fix Word file using effective repair software like Yodot DOC Repair. Some important features of repair software are as follows:

Yodot DOC Repair helps you to fix corrupt Word 2003 documents on Windows system. It supports DOC file repair on different drives like internal and external hard drives, flash drives, iPods, etc. on Windows computers. This tool is capable of repairing Word files on drives having NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT file systems. You can fix Word files if you have 2000 to 2010 Office suite version on computer. OS like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are supported by this utility.

Detailed procedure to fix corrupt Word 2003 .doc file:

Download Word 2003 document by going here and install it on Windows system. Run the program and browse to locate corrupt Word 2003 document and click on “Repair”. The utility starts scanning selected Word file to fix it. After successful completion of DOC file repair, you can preview it by clicking on “Click Here to preview file”. Then save it on location on computer drive using “Save” option.

Software to Repair Corrupted Word 2010 File

Most of the Windows computer users are familiar with Microsoft Word tool that is used to create documents. Users save various information in this Word files as they are easily accessible and can be safely transferred via network or from system to other storage devices with no risk. There are various versions of Microsoft Word and Office Word 2010 is recent version among them.

The documents created in MS Word 2010 will be saved as .docx and it supports many advanced features like typesetting – OpenType ligatures, kerning, hyphenation; formatting effects like shadow, glow, bevel; spell-check, etc. that were not included in previous versions. However, there are many factors that can damage Word 2010 documents under various circumstances.

Given below are few common scenarios that cause Word 2010 file corruption:

  • Many times when DOCX file is edited or shared using online tools or web apps like Google Docs, Zoho Viewer, etc. then there is more chances of file corruption
  • Word 2010 DOCX file can get corrupt when it is infected by malicious software like Macro virus. Also, viruses infection may damage Word 2010 file header
  • CRC error is another vital factor that corrupts Word DOCX file on Office 2010
  • Frequent power surge to the system while Word 2010 file is being processed can cause severe damage to the file
  • Improper download / transfer of Word documents can also cause Word 2010 file corruption

In all these situations, Word 2010 file gets corrupt and rejects to open when tried to access it. And the only way to salvage this corrupt 2010 Word document is to repair it. To do so, you can make use of ‘Open and repair’ option provided in MS Office Word. Follow these instructions to utilize this inbuilt repair option:

Open MS Word application àGo to Office button à click on Open. Next, select the file that is corrupt and not opening. At the bottom left of the window, there will be an ‘open’ button given with drop-down list. Click on the drop down button à Select Open and Repair option. This will repair Word 2010 file corrupted due to any reasons.

If this method does not fix your corrupted Word document, then make use of Yodot DOC Repair utility to fix the damaged file. This tool can successfully repair damaged or corrupted Word documents from Microsoft Word 2010 as well as from Word 2002, 2003, 2007 and Word 2000 applications. You can utilize this tool to fix DOC and DOCX file types and to retrieve all the attributes like text, images, hyperlinks, tables and other OLE objects from corrupt Word documents.

Repair process to fix Word 2010 documents:

Click this link and download Yodot DOC Repair software on Windows system in which Word 2010 corrupted file resides. After downloading the software, install it on the system drive. Always chose to install the software on a different drive where the affected Word 2010 files are not saved. Then run the utility. In the main screen, the software asks you to choose the file that you wish to repair. Browse and select the affected Word file and click on repair button. After repairing the file, the software provides you an option to preview the file before saving it. After previewing, specify the target location where you want to save the repaired file and click save button.