How to Convert FAT to NTFS File System without Data Loss?

Are you sure about conversion of FAT to NTFS without Data Loss? Does it really exist?

Absolutely! It is possible to convert File system from FAT to NTFS without losing a single bit of data. Well, before getting to know about the convert mechanism it’s good to know the necessity for such conversion process.

File systems are utilized to store and regulate data on storage media like Flash drives, Hard drives, CD, DVD and many more. File system is being employed in almost every part such as Mac/Windows operating systems, mobile systems and other type of electronics devices. The physical location of every data on the storage device is indicated by its file system. The data is set up in folders called directories.

Why should I convert File system from FAT to NTFS?

Compared to FAT, NTFS is advantageous in case of performance related to security. In NTFS, disk repair program is used for self-repairing function. NTFS is a recoverable file system that uses log files and checkpoint information for automatic recovery. NTFS allows to compress disk, manage dynamic disk, encrypt data and also allocate disk quota. Opt for NTFS if file size exceeds 4gb, and hard disks above 32gb. And there are a lot more why New Technology File System is preferred rather than FAT system.

Majority users convert NTFS to reach stability, security and compatibility. For smaller drives, files and better recovery tools FAT is preferred.

Why not go for both? Is it possible?

In such cases, set some FAT to run recovery tools like scandisk and then set the rest to NTFS for better security on personal files, support for large files.

Arriving at climax, the procedure that to be followed to convert FAT to NTFS file system is here!

Step 1: Go to Computer and make a note of drive that needs conversion

Step 2: Click on Start

Step 3: Run command prompt using Window+R combination and type cmd

Step 4: now type chdsk g: /f (here g represents drive letter)

Step 5: Type convert G: /FS:NTFS and execute it

Step 6: conversion takes place. Conversion was successful will be displayed. Right click on properties to check

But there is no chance of converting from NTFS TO FAT. If you need to reconvert from FAT to NTFS, then you’ll have to reformat entire drive. And moreover there is possibility of losing abundant data.

Be cautious about this before starting conversion process!

Whatever might be the case whether from FAT to NTFS or from NTFS to FAT, taking a formal backup of data will be appreciated to avoid data loss disasters.

Tips to Password Protect Files and Folders with Encryption

There are some situations arises where in you want to store your sensitive data on USB drive or in hard

drive so there are numerous ways to protect your files and folders with a password. Actually the

meaning of password protect file is nothing but encrypting the file so it cannot be decrypted and

understood without the encryption password. This is the most secured way to password protect your



Creating Encrypted Archive:

Windows XP let’s to create password protected ZIP files however Windows 7 doesn’t. To handle this,

you can even download a third party application. As there are number of compression programs

available, you could use, but it is recommended to use the completely free and open source 7-Zip. Once

you install the 7-ZIP, make use of it to create a new archive. You can able to specify a password for your

archive. Any files and folder you add to your .Zip file, it will be encrypted with your selected password. In

the future when you open your archive, you are required to enter the password.


Encrypt an Office Document:

Even Microsoft Office allows you to apply encryption to documents, securing them with the password.

Microsoft switched to AES encryption in Office 2007, and if you have earlier version of Office then the

encryption will be nowhere near as secure. To protect a document with password in Office 2013 or

Office 2010, then click on the file menu, click the protect document button in the section and select

Encryption with Password. Then you will be prompted to enter a password which you need to provide

every time you open the doc file in the future. For descripting the document in the future then remove

the need for a password. Other productivity programs may provide similar features.


Creating encrypted Volumes with TrueCrypt.

This TrueCrypt allow you to create encrypted volumes. TrueCrypt is a flexible encryption solution which

you can use in many ways.

  1. Create a small encrypted container stored in a file on your hard drive.
  2. Use TrueCrypt to create an encrypted volume on an USB flash drive
  3.  Encrypt your whole Windows system Drive

There are many other tools which can be used to encrypt files but the above mentioned methods some

the most powerful and easiest methods.

Cyber Security Threat Predictions for 2016

Computer security also known as cyber security, which protect the data from damaged hard drive or software or from third party. IIntel Security team predicts that in 2016, by taking right steps to protect the data. Now let us discuss the Cyber Security threat predictions for 2016:


If you are using all types of hardware and firmware then in the markets it will expand and grow well with its useful features. Virtual machines could be targeted with system firmware rootkits.


Anonymizing networks and payment methods will fuel the major and rapidly growing threat of ransomware. In 2016, larger numbers of untested cybercriminals will control ransomware.


Wearable devices will stores only small amount of personal information. Wearable platforms is targeted by cybercriminals, it works to compromise the smartphones which used to manage them. The industry will work to protect potential attack surfaces such as operating system kernels, networking and WiFi software, user interfaces, memory, local files and storage systems, virtual machines, web apps, and access control and security software.

Attacks through employee systems:

Organizations will improve their security postures and implement the latest security technologies, works well with talented and experienced people, create effective policies and remain alert. Attackers will change their focus and they can attack enterprises through their employees by targeting among other things.

Cloud services:

Cybercriminals will exploit weak or ignored corporate security policies established to protect cloud services. Services like could compromise organizational business strategy, company portfolio strategies, next-generation innovations, financials, acquisition and divestiture plans, employee data is exploited. In such cases corporate security policies will protect this services from Cybercrimes.


Security researchers are focusing on potential exploit scenarios for connected automobile systems lacking foundational security capabilities or failing to meet best practice security policies. IT security merchants and automakers will work together to develop guidance, standards and technical solutions to protect attack surfaces of vehicle access system engine control units (ECUs), engine and transmission ECUs, advanced driver assistance system ECUs, remote key systems, passive keyless entry, V2X receiver, USBs, OBD IIs, remote link type apps and smartphone access.

There are several Cyber Security Threat Predictions are available in 2016 where you can use it in the future.

Useful Tips For Microsoft Excel Users:

All of you are familiar with Excel sheets, which are mainly used to store records. There are some facts and shortcuts in Excel sheets, which many of you may not be knowing. Let us discuss one by one here:

  • Select Entire Data With Just One Click:

All are familiar with Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut to select all contents of a document. In Excel sheet, one click on the left corner button (located at intersection of row numbers and column names) will select all data from rows and columns.

  • Open Excel Sheets In Bulk:

When you need to handle multiple Excels files at a time, then here is a simple way to open them i.e. select the files you want to open and then hit enter key. You will see all files opening simultaneously.

  • Shift Between Different Excel Files:

When you need to work with multiple spreadsheets it is really hard to shift between different files because small changes can destroy whole project. So use Ctrl + Tab to shift between different files freely.

  • Generate A New Shortcut Menu:

Usually there are three shortcuts available on the top menu, which are Save, Undo Typing, and Repeat Typing. If you are wishing to add some more shortcuts like Cut, Copy etc. then follow the simple steps:

File>Option>Quick Access Toolbar, add Cut and Copy from lest side column to the right. Then you can see two more new shortcuts having added in top menu.

  • Insert A Diagonal Line To A Cell:

While generating a classmate address list, you may require a diagonal link in the initial cell to separate different attributes of rows and columns. For that, go to Home> Font > Borders there you will find a button to insert this diagonal line. After making changes, don’t forget to save it.

  • Add More Than One Row Or Column:

You all are familiar about adding single row or column but what if you want to insert more than one of these. You cannot waste your time by repeating the process n number of times to add several row/column. To avoid this, right click on highlighted row/column and select Insert from drop down list. Then, new rows will be added above the selected row or to the left of selected column. If you are not clear about this, then you can refer videos to know about inserting multiple rows or columns easily.

  • Move And Copy Data Rapidly

When you need to move one column of data in an Excel spreadsheet, the best way is to move the pointer to the border and as soon as it turns to a crossed arrow icon, drag to move the column freely.

All these are few of the tips, which are not familiar to many users who work with Excel sheets frequently. We may also find many other unknown facts about Excel online, which will reduce your work in preparing reports.

Critical Encryption Bug that Affects Numerous Sites:

A critical vulnerability exposed by security researchers might allow an attacker to decrypt and intercept secured communication exchange between user, websites and mail server’s worldwide. This Logjam affects transport layer security protocol that VPN server, websites and mail server use to encrypt traffic. It may provide attacker sitting between server and user to lower encryption to more easily crack. The researcher found flaw affects minimum 8.4% of web browser.

The susceptibility that follows other serious infrastructure like Freak and Heartbleed, has established from 1990s but it was recently opened. According to researcher, the flaws could be easily used by NSA to crack protected VPN connections. The flaws affects any server which helps DHE_EXPORT ciphers to encode traffic. DHE is abbreviated as Diffie-Hellman algorithm that is utilized by browser and server to share secret key and transfer secure connection for communication. The DHE method is considered to be secure because the key is not static, it can be changed. To spy such traffic, attacker must determine every new key. Though, Logjam flaw will allow attacker to downgrade encryption to a level which could be easily cracked. To secure DHE algorithm, they use 2048 bit prime number to create the keys. But, flaw could downgrade it to force browser and server to use 512 bit primes to create keys. Apparatus used in their own labs were able to crack encryption by utilizing 768 bit primes and believe in intelligence agencies like NSA, with more resource which can easily crack 1024 bit primes. In 1990s, flaw exists to prevent developers from exporting high grade level of crypto and could provide only lower level of protection abroad. Hence, web server must support weak encryption to facilitate communication with those users. Flaw works on any server that supports DHE version that uses 512 bit primes to generate keys. The security hole is hyped severely, but others are warning that its use is limited. The CEO of Errata Security, agrees with researchers that it is good chance to for NSA to crack VPN connections but it is a rumor. But some researchers who revealed the flaw was responsible for exposing Freak vulnerability which was affected by transport layer security protocol. The researchers worked on number of wed site before announcing flaw, so they may remove support of DHE export ciphers.

Securing Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network

Wi-Fi is the top most requirements for everyone whose use electronic gadgets in present day world. With Wi-Fi it has become easy to use internet across various gadgets like computer, mobile phones, Tablets, etc. without any physical connectivity between them. Usually, Wi-Fi is preferred in the house and big organizations of corporate world to access internet within defined radius.

Though, Wi-Fi network as reduced the risk of using traditional wired network, there are big troubles in using it. Wi-Fi is very prone to hackers and others who enter the defined radius can easily access the broadband network without your knowledge. And since, Wi-Fi users always keep logged in with their private mail accounts in unsecured Wi-Fi network, hackers can take advantage of this, wherein user accounts will be hacked and personal information will be extracted from it. Also, if your neighbors steal broadband network, it can increase your Wi-Fi network monthly rental. To avoid serious troubles that could result with unsecured Wireless network, it is always suggested to secure your Wi-Fi network.

How to secure your Wireless (Wi-Fi) network?

There are few methods that could help you in securing your Wireless network. Simply by setting password will not protect your Wi-Fi from intruders and broadband stealers, there is much more to be done to secure your Wi-Fi signals. To protect your Wireless network, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open router settings page using Google. Type “” in Google browser and enter your username and password or follow the instructions given in router manual.

Step 2: Now, create an inimitable pass-code on the router by changing default password with the help of Administrative settings on the router.

Step 3: Next, change the network’s SSID name in router’s basic wireless settings from default to user defined. Usually it is set as name of the router itself and changing this to specified name you will be known that you are connected with correct Wireless network in your area. Avoid using personals details in defining SSID name.

Step 4: Encrypt your wireless network signals against AirCrack and other free tools that makes it easy for hackers to crack PSK keys using dictionary. To enable encryption go to wireless security settings under configuration settings page in your Wi-Fi network and mention which security method to use (WEP, WPA2) and enter a peculiar password.

Step 5:  Filter MAC addresses which is unique for each devices connected with a Wi-Fi network.

Step 6: Minimize the range in which Wi-Fi signals are active usually based on the radius your building occupies.

Step 7: To upgrade router’s firmware. Each router will have upgrade versions set by its manufacturers. So, frequently visit manufacturer’s site to keep your router to run upgrade firmware.

This is all about securing a Wi-Fi network signals from unauthentic users and intruders to avoid any problems.

MacKeeper, Apple security program

MacKeeper is security program for Mac computers; it was released in 2010 and celebrates its fifth birthday in the month of April. Get to know about Mac and your personal Mac certificate expert who can scan and fix risky item remotely by reading here

Having human expert is sophisticated problem, where scanning software may be ignored and quickly solved. The system status will appear whenever you open MacKeeper to support you by monitoring present condition. A simple quick view of any cleaning process makes it easier to keep Mac system in well condition. If status shows any risk items, it simply runs to find and fix, then get support from Apple certified experts. MacKeeper easily removes scrap files which occupies more space on hard drive and slows down Mac system. It helps user to avoid future scarp just by sweeping old software beneath rug when user try to delete them. When any software is dragged to Trash on Mac machine, then those files do not serve any longer and waste space. Deleting unwanted files can free up space on Mac and just by glancing the size of files on hard drive, you can tell which file is occupying most space. It takes control on your Mac by checking which app is launched when you start system every time. MacKeeper helps you to keep your personal files invisible to anyone without correct password and protects your sensitive information. MacKeeper’s anti theft technology helps to get back lost computers with law enforcement agencies all over the world.

MacKeeper is determined by accusation as it overstates security threats to convince clients to buy. Its hostile marketing made MacKeeper to come up in all web. This application was created in Kiev, Ukraine, by a company known as ZeoBIT. That place is a hub for lower cost software development and outsourcing. Unfortunately, a case has been filed on MacKeeper regarding false flagged performance and security problem in May 2014. An Australian company evaluated this antivirus program on OS X, MacKeeper, warned as ‘Serious’ due to more scarp files. After repairing few files, it starts to warn as more than 1500 of them need to be cleaned- but it’s possible only after purchasing full version of that app. Finally, ZeoBIT proposed settlement over MacKeeper.

However, MacKeeper not only protects your Mac machine, it also helps to run faster and most of the user can confirm that MacKeeper is a keeper.

Get Back Data from Hard Drive That Needs Formatting

“Hi all, I have a problem with one of my computer partition. Whenever I click on it to view files, it displays an error message that the drive needs to be formatted. I don’t know what caused it to throw such error message. If I format the drive then entire data present in it will be deleted. Please someone tell me how to get over this message”

You may repeatedly see this kind of question over internet where users seek help by discussing their problem with everyone. Usually operating system displays this kind of error message when it is not able to recognize file system of the drive. When file system of the partition is corrupted then it fails to mount and you will get error message indicating that it needs to be formatted. But with the help of hard drive recovery software you can restore your files back within a shorter span of time. Apart from above reason hard drive displays formatting error message due to following causes.

  • In case there is software malfunction then file system of partition will be corrupted and you would get formatting error message
  • Improper system shut down without closing the application which is open from background could render the hard drive to display such error messages
  • Severe virus attack on the drive would make it corrupted making it inaccessible to the users.

Many users are aware of the fact that their computer hard drive might be a victim of above cause so they take precautionary measures by keeping backup of important files. But most of the users do not backup assuming that they will never face data loss. In such situation when the partition display formatting error message they regret for their mistake. However, you no longer have to worry about lost data because with the help of hard drive recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery you can easily recover files from hard drive that needs to formatting. This application will thoroughly scan affected hard drive and hence assists in restoring files like photos, videos, music and lots more. Besides this, you could preview retrieved media files after recovery. Just follow the steps given below to rescue files from hard drive that needs formatting.

First of all download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to your computer from where you need to restore your files. Get here. Once the software gets installed run it to follow the instructions given on the screen. On the main screen you will find two options which are “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”. Choose second one to go further. Select the partition from where you want to recover your files. Allow the software to scan the drive and then pick recoverable files. Preview media files and then save them on a location that you prefer. It should be different from the original location.