Formatted Partition Recovery

Accidentally formatted partition that contained important files? Worried about important documents saved on that partition? Looking for a solution to get back files on Windows? Do not worry! Your search ends here. With the aid of hard drive recovery software, it is very easy to recover files from formatted partition.

Your hard drive contains various data like programs that you need for your computer to function, or files you need for work or school. In some computers, hard drives have an additional partition that serves as a backup or tool for another operating system. It takes more time to search for a particular file in your hard drive if it is almost full. But if you have partitions, you would just have to look within that small space. However, when your partition gets formatted, all the files present in it will be erased from your computer. Some of the situation that leads to format and erase files from your partition are as follows:

  • Intentional formatting – Sometimes intentional formatting of the storage drive is required in order to make it free from viruses or corruption. To get rid of the virus you might download anti-virus software. Many times the antivirus fails to make your storage device free from virus. In such case you might format the partition, that not only deletes virus but also all the data present in it
  • Accidental formatting – You might accidentally format a partition, for example, you were about to format E: drive. But in a hurry you select D: drive and format it
  • ReinstallationReinstallation process formats partitions, and hence deletes all data present in it and installs new operating system
  • File System conversion – If you convert the file system i.e from FAT to NTFS then it results in data loss
  • Bad sector – Bad sectors on hard drive cause due to sudden power failure or because of improper shutdown. If the partition has bad sector then it might lead to inaccessibility of system files again resulting in data loss

When you format the partitions, the data is not permanently erased. Only allocation information is destroyed not the actual data. You might permanently lose your data, if you overwrite the storage area of lost files by any other new data. Therefore, do not use the drive from where you lost the data to avoid permanent data loss and opt for any good hard drive recovery software in order to recover it.

For formatted partition recovery,  Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the reliable software. It scans entire drive to search and recover lost data through the formatted partition. It displays the recovered file in two view option, they are “Data Type view” or “File Type View” option. The application supports recovery of data from hard drives of different manufactures like , Buffalo, Fujitsu, Apple, Kingston, , Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, Transcend, Western Digital and many others. The recovery process is very simple and does not require any degree in Computer Science to run. Follow the steps given below to make the recovery easy and quick.

Download the software and install it to your computer. Press here. Once the installation is done, run the software. You will see two options provided on the window they are “Partition Recovery” “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”. Now click on “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”. The software will show all the physical drives present on your system. Now select the drive. After selecting the physical drive, the software starts scanning and displays the partition present in it. Select the partition that you want to recover.The software again starts scanning and displays the recoverable files from the partition. Make use of the two view types “Data type” and “File type” in order to make the recover process easy. Preview the files before saving. Save the recovered file in a preferred location