How to Fix Damaged ZIP Archive?

Data disaster can happen at any instance and you never know when your important files placed inside a Zip archive may become inaccessible to you just because of any damage to the Zip archive. Even the Zip file is a well structured container to hold number of compressed files within it, some factors are always effective to make it damaged under different circumstances. Once a Zip file is damaged, you won’t be able to extract Zip file completely and may receive error message while extracting compressed files from damaged Zip archive. Let’s see, the scenarios that could result in damaging the Zip archive:

  • Because of faulty data compression/extractor utility, you may find your Zip file damaged
  • If the Zip file header is damaged due to storage drive corruption, bad sectors or virus attack
  • Zip archive may get damaged because of interruptions in download with poor/faulty network
  • Application crash or power failure may also result in damaged Zip archive

You don’t have to be bothered about your important files residing in a damaged Zip file because this problem can be resolved easily with the aid of third-party Zip repair utility. So don’t make efforts on your own to avoid further damage to the Zip archive and download Zip repair application.

Get an efficient tool to repair damaged Zip files!

Damaged Zip files are very easy to repair and you can get all your files contained in a damaged Zipped archive by making use of professional software such as Yodot ZIP Repair. This is a reputed application recommended by professionals to mend Zip files which are damaged due to bad compression, interrupted downloads, bad CRC, header damage and other factors. This software helps you in repairing damaged Zip files on all the latest Windows OS based computers. While fixing damaged, corrupted or inaccessible Zip file this tool doesn’t modifies any data saved in the files contained in the archive. Because it has an easy to use wizard, damaged Zip file repairing becomes too easy even user don’t have to look for any other’s help to perform repair operation.

Simple steps to fix damaged Zip files

Get here to download Yodot Zip Repair tool and install it to your Windows computer -> Launch the software and get the main wizard where you can see Zip file repair instructions -> Click on “Browse” tab to select your damaged Zip archive that is to be repaired -> After the archive is selected, hit “Repair” button to initiate the repair operation -> The repair utility scans the file automatically and fixes the damaged Zip file -> You can monitor the repairing operation with the help of the progress bar -> Repair process gets completed within a couple of minute after that software displays entire description along with all content from damaged Zip file -> At last, select any destination storage location to save your fixed Zip file

Zip File Repair Program

“I can’t extract my WinZip files from damage Zip file as it keeps showing the error message like “the compressed zip folder corrupted or invalid”. I tried extracting the WinZip file contents on different drives or partitions, but end up in getting the same result. What can be done now to extract the data that is saved in the Zip file? In those circumstances, which is best solution to fix Zip file easily without losing or damaging the Zip file content?
If any one comes up with a solution please do share with me.


What if you are facing the exact situation as mentioned above? If you are unable to get data from the WinZip file that is corrupted, then all that needs to be done is to install Yodot Zip Repair tool that can easily repair WinZip file and display its contents.

There are many reasons that lead to the corruption of WinZip File. Some of them are as discussed below:

Power Surge: Sudden loss of power when the user is adding or extracting process the contents of his WinZip file can lead to its corruption as the system shuts down abruptly.

Incomplete Downloads: Incomplete download of the WinZip file may occur due to breakdown of the internet connection if the hard drive is running short of space.

Third Party Applications: Use of undependable third party applications to get back the deleted or lost WinZip file can cause damage to the Zip file header as a result of which the Zip file becomes inaccessible.

Some of the other reasons that may cause the Zip file corruption are virus or malware infection to the system, abrupt system shut down, bad sectors and so on.

Fix WinZip File:

Here is best and the most recommend solution that can be applied to fix and restore data from corrupt WinZip file i.e. Yodot ZIP Repair. Before trying out this application, just check with the inbuilt repair utility that has been provided by Windows to fix the problem. If the outcome is not so satisfying then use the above mentioned program and successfully fix your WinZip file. Inbuilt with powerful repair algorithms, this repair software can repair and get back the contents that are present in the WinZip file without causing any damage to the contents that were saved in it. This tool can easily fix the corrupted WinZip files that were created by different versions of WinZip application. The best thing about this software is that it can be easily installed on different Windows operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7 and 8.

Simple steps to mend the corrupt WinZip File on Windows OS:

Click on this link and download Yodot Zip Repair program in the system. Install the free demo version of Yodot ZIP Repair tool by logging in as local system administrator. Launch the Zip repair software and follow the steps that are present in the main screen of the tool. Click on the Browse button to select the corrupt ZIP / ZIPX file which has to be repaired. Now click on the repair button that will start the repair process respectively. On completion of the scanning process, the user can preview the contents that were saved in the Zip file. At last, save the repaired Zip file to the desired destination location as available to the host operating system user.

Helpful suggestions:

Back up all the contents in separate external hard drive

Avoid accessing the file when there is continuous power fluctuation

Never abruptly stop the downloading or transfer process