Convert OST to PST on Windows 7

Windows 7 is a popular operating system used by many professionals and home users all over the world. It has got various versions too. Some of them are highlighted below.

  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Home Basic

Anyone of these versions can be used according to your need.  For example, if you are an employ of any organization, then you can use Windows 7 Professional as it has got all the features required in the company. It offers Microsoft Outlook tool to send and receive useful information through emails. OST and PST are the two files of Microsoft Outlook that works on separately in the offline and online mode respectively. In the absence of internet connection OST file will manage and maintain entire information.

But, unfortunately all of the crucial files and data saved on Offline Storage Table ( OST) may go inaccessible or corrupted causing lot of unexpected troubles to the user. In case, if you wanted to access a corrupted OST file, then you can go through this link Within this site you will come to know about fast and active “convert OST to PST” software by the utilization of this tool you will be able to view all the information of the OST file on Windows 7 because it offers preview option.  Here you will get all details about the software used to make a corrupted OST file accessible.

Causes of OST File Corruption

There are several causes that can severely damage your OST file. Some of these causes are listed here.

Virus Threats: Virus attack is the main reason to corrupt your OST file data. Some of the harmful viruses are Spyware, Adware, and Malware on Windows 7.  When compared to Mac operating systems Windows 7 is more susceptible to viruses.

Improper Exit from Outlook: At time when you remember some works while working on the Outlook you may abruptly close your Outlook and rush to complete your pending work. But, this abrupt and sudden closing of Outlook may cause OST corruption.

Storage Drive Corruption: If the hard drive of your system gets damage due to some reasons like power failure, sudden Shut down of PC then there your Microsoft Outlook gets inaccessible, this sort of situations affect OST file data damage.

Defected Registry File: It is a file where all the information regarding the software installed on the PC is maintained. There will be time when you may find that your Windows 7 registry file gets damage due to some technical glitches then consequently it will make your Outlook inaccessible or crash. This sort of incidence results in OST corruption.

Application to Convert OST to PST on Windows 7

Whenever, you find corrupted OST file onWindows 7, you may regain access to those files by utilizing good conversion tool. There are plentiful software’s available online for this purpose. But, as per data recovery industry expert’s the ultimate software is convert OST to PST on Windows 7 and can get access to all OST file data.