Cyber Security Threat Predictions for 2016

Computer security also known as cyber security, which protect the data from damaged hard drive or software or from third party. IIntel Security team predicts that in 2016, by taking right steps to protect the data. Now let us discuss the Cyber Security threat predictions for 2016:


If you are using all types of hardware and firmware then in the markets it will expand and grow well with its useful features. Virtual machines could be targeted with system firmware rootkits.


Anonymizing networks and payment methods will fuel the major and rapidly growing threat of ransomware. In 2016, larger numbers of untested cybercriminals will control ransomware.


Wearable devices will stores only small amount of personal information. Wearable platforms is targeted by cybercriminals, it works to compromise the smartphones which used to manage them. The industry will work to protect potential attack surfaces such as operating system kernels, networking and WiFi software, user interfaces, memory, local files and storage systems, virtual machines, web apps, and access control and security software.

Attacks through employee systems:

Organizations will improve their security postures and implement the latest security technologies, works well with talented and experienced people, create effective policies and remain alert. Attackers will change their focus and they can attack enterprises through their employees by targeting among other things.

Cloud services:

Cybercriminals will exploit weak or ignored corporate security policies established to protect cloud services. Services like could compromise organizational business strategy, company portfolio strategies, next-generation innovations, financials, acquisition and divestiture plans, employee data is exploited. In such cases corporate security policies will protect this services from Cybercrimes.


Security researchers are focusing on potential exploit scenarios for connected automobile systems lacking foundational security capabilities or failing to meet best practice security policies. IT security merchants and automakers will work together to develop guidance, standards and technical solutions to protect attack surfaces of vehicle access system engine control units (ECUs), engine and transmission ECUs, advanced driver assistance system ECUs, remote key systems, passive keyless entry, V2X receiver, USBs, OBD IIs, remote link type apps and smartphone access.

There are several Cyber Security Threat Predictions are available in 2016 where you can use it in the future.