Digital Camera Recovery Mac

Digital Camera empowers great controls and powerful features. All digital cameras are high on both looks and performance. Other than stylish and shiny, they are available in many jazzy colors to match your personality. As far as storage media is concerned, the camera supports the widely used SD (Secure Digital) memory cards. Though, you can store a large amount of pictures and videos on your camera, it has its own limitations. Just like other multimedia devices, it may throw some annoying errors, resulting in potential data loss. There are many reasons that leads you to lose data from digital camera. Here are few reasons:

  • Accidental deletion – Accidental deletion may happen when you are previewing photos in your camera or when you have connected to Mac computer. When you delete photos from digital camera, you will not find any option in it to restore and if you delete files when it is connected to your Mac machine, then also you will not find any other option to restore it because even if the Trash bin contains deleted items, it does not store files that are deleted from external drives
  • Error while transferring data – If you get any errors like power failure, sudden system shut down etc, while transferring data from digital camera to your Mac computer, then you may lose data from your digital camera
  • Low battery – If you use your camera even if it is displaying “Low battery” then you may lose files from it. The file system of the memory card that is being used in digital camera gets corrupted when you use even after it displays that the battery is low and as a result data loss situation occurs
  • Accidental formatting – There are three cases that indicates accidental formatting. First one is clicking “Format” option on your camera by mistake. Second one is error message when you connect it to your Mac machine that forces you to format the drive. Last one is accidental formatting of the drive that represents your camera instead of the empty drive from your Mac computer. In all three cases you may lose data from your digital camera

Therefore, to get back all the files lost due to above mentioned situations, you need to make use to any good photo recovery software. The one that can be used for digital camera recovery Mac is Yodot Mac Photo Recovery Software.

This software has the ability to recover all the files including photos, videos etc from your digital camera. It not only recovers photos and videos but also other files like documents, audio files that you lost from your hard drive. By making use of this software, you can search for the files you are looking for and recover it without any difficulties. Moreover the steps are also easy to follow. Following are the steps:

First of all download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software to your Macintosh. Press here. Connect digital camera to your Mac machine by making use of USB cable. Run the software and follow the instructions given on the main screen. You can see two options on the main screen they are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. For deleted photos or videos, you have to choose the option “Deleted Photo Recovery”. For lost and formatted files choose the option “Lost Photo Recovery”. Once you select the option, you can see all the drives present in your Mac machine. Select the drive that represents your digital camera and press “Next” to continue. As you go forward you can see all the files present in the drive you have selected. Select the files that you want to recover and again press “Next” to continue. Next window displays all the recoverable files. The red cross mark that you can see over the files represents that they are deleted. Mark on the files that you want to recover. Preview files before saving it to the location that you prefer. At last browse the location to save the retrieved files.