Fix AVI File Not Working on Windows 8

“Yesterday I got error “This AVI is broken. Seeking will not work currently. Do you want to repair it” in VLC media player on Windows 8 system. When I clicked Ok button it got solved, but again after few minutes AVI file displayed same error. And this time, after fixing the issue AVI file is not working on Windows 8 PC. How do I repair not working AVI file on Windows 8 system. I await your advice!!”

Well, similarly most of the users find themselves in scenarios as mentioned in first paragraph. Due to some logical issues or human faults, AVI file may not work on Windows 8 system. Let us look into some of factors, which results in unplayable AVI files in Windows 8 PC:

  • Incompatible codec issues: If you try to play AVI file in media player with incompatible codecs on Windows 8 system, then AVI file may not work
  • Malicious software Attack: Suspicious external threats like viruses / Trojan / spyware etc make AVI file inaccessible by corrupting its internal structure on Windows 8 computer
  • Header corruption: Header of AVI file contains descriptive details about that video file. If header of AVI file get corrupt while changing its file extension or due to improper exit of media player on Windows PC, then that AVI file won’t work
  • Abnormal system shutdown: While playing AVI file, if you face unforeseen power failure or logical error, then the Windows 8 system get shutdown suddenly. This may leads to unplayable AVI file 

Other then these reasons, the AVI files may become unplayable due to some other factors. If you want to mend AVI file not working on Windows 8 system, then the problem of any type can be resolved with the aid of resourceful video file repair software like Yodot AVI Repair.

Yodot AVI Repair tool is finest video file repair software, which can efficiently fix AVI file not working on Windows 8 computer. Its simple graphical user interface makes it easy to repair AVI file not playing on Windows 8 system without much technical knowledge. Along with AVI files, you can mend unplayable XVID, DVIX video files under various reasons on Windows 8 computer. Including Windows 8 OS, this repair software works well with other versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to fix AVI file not working on Windows 8 PC:

Download and install Yodot AVI Repair program to your Windows 8 system. Later setup the software and follow the main screen procedure. Select the “Browse” option to choose the not working AVI file that has been fixed on Windows 8 system and then click on “Repair” button, to start the repair process. The tool will scan and repair the AVI file not working efficiently. Once repair process gets completed, then it will show the AVI video file with its file description. You can preview the fixed AVI file by using “Preview Repaired file” option. At lat, save mended AVI file to your desired location by clicking on “Save Repaired file” option on Windows 8 computer or other storage devices.