Get Back Data from Hard Drive That Needs Formatting

“Hi all, I have a problem with one of my computer partition. Whenever I click on it to view files, it displays an error message that the drive needs to be formatted. I don’t know what caused it to throw such error message. If I format the drive then entire data present in it will be deleted. Please someone tell me how to get over this message”

You may repeatedly see this kind of question over internet where users seek help by discussing their problem with everyone. Usually operating system displays this kind of error message when it is not able to recognize file system of the drive. When file system of the partition is corrupted then it fails to mount and you will get error message indicating that it needs to be formatted. But with the help of hard drive recovery software you can restore your files back within a shorter span of time. Apart from above reason hard drive displays formatting error message due to following causes.

  • In case there is software malfunction then file system of partition will be corrupted and you would get formatting error message
  • Improper system shut down without closing the application which is open from background could render the hard drive to display such error messages
  • Severe virus attack on the drive would make it corrupted making it inaccessible to the users.

Many users are aware of the fact that their computer hard drive might be a victim of above cause so they take precautionary measures by keeping backup of important files. But most of the users do not backup assuming that they will never face data loss. In such situation when the partition display formatting error message they regret for their mistake. However, you no longer have to worry about lost data because with the help of hard drive recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery you can easily recover files from hard drive that needs to formatting. This application will thoroughly scan affected hard drive and hence assists in restoring files like photos, videos, music and lots more. Besides this, you could preview retrieved media files after recovery. Just follow the steps given below to rescue files from hard drive that needs formatting.

First of all download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to your computer from where you need to restore your files. Get here. Once the software gets installed run it to follow the instructions given on the screen. On the main screen you will find two options which are “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”. Choose second one to go further. Select the partition from where you want to recover your files. Allow the software to scan the drive and then pick recoverable files. Preview media files and then save them on a location that you prefer. It should be different from the original location.