Get Back Deleted Videos from Android Phone

Consider this situation; you own Android phone in which you have stored thousands of photos and videos. One fine morning you were recording video from it and while recording, your phone got turned off due to low battery. When you charged it, you were shocked; the video which you have deleted few minutes back was missing from it and along with that all the videos which you have recorded from your Android phone were also got deleted from it. At that moment you may not understand what do it?

Well, don’t be frustrated in such situation; search for those videos in backup copy. If it is present in backup then your problem is solved. If it is missing from backup copy or you have forgotten to backup files then make use of Android Recovery software to recover deleted video files from Android Phone. However, there are similar other instances reasonable for video deletion from Android phone. Few of them are given below:

  • Accidental deletion: As most of the android phones are touch screen based, you may accidentally tap on “Delete” option instead of “Copy”. This will result in losing those videos which were being selected to copy
  • Virus attack: If you use internet in your Android phone without making use of Antivirus software then viruses might get entered to your Android phone through unauthorized software download. If the viruses are dangerous then it not only remove videos but other files from your Android phone
  • Formatting Error:  Formatting error occurs when you connect Android phone to your Windows computer. If Windows OS is not able to recognize file system of Android storage device then it will throw formatting error message. If you proceed further to format Android SD card then it will result in erasing entire data from Android phone

As whatever said above, you can easily retrieve erased video files from Android phone with the help of Android Recovery software named Yodot Android Data Recovery. This recovery tool has the ability to recover deleted / lost video files from Android phone within few minutes. It not only restores videos but other files such as pictures, music, documents and even .apk files that got deleted from your Android phone. One good feature of this software is, it does not alter original quality of restored files while recovering it. Adding to this, it will provide preview of recovered media files before storing them to the desired location. The steps to retrieve videos from android phone are as follows:

Note: Before you download Yodot Android Data Recovery software, make sure that your Android Phone runs on UMS mode. If it does not run on UMS mode, then you cannot get back data from it

First of all download the application and install it to Windows computer in which you have connected Android phone. Go here. Once you click on UMS mode option, run the application to know about the steps involved in the recovery. You will find two options over main screen which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” Make use of “Deleted File Recovery” software to get back deleted videos from Android phone.  Now click on the drive from where you want to recover erased video files. Allow the application to scan the drive and then choose file types to be recovered. Preview media files and save them in a location that you prefer.