Get Back Pictures after Memory Card Error

Memory cards are the small storage media devices that are present which allows us to store and access the data easily. All the electronic gadgets present in today’s world be it a cell phone, digital camera, tablets, media players and others. There are different types of memory cards available for the users based their appearance. Some of them can be mentioned as CF card, SD card, XD – picture card, memory stick, multimedia card, SDHC and others.

As the memory is mainly used for storing all types of files, in cameras these storage devices are mainly used for storing photos. The user can easily create multiple folders and store the image files in a particular order. So, once you decided to save all the pictures from the memory card into the camera, assuming that the camera was switch off, you removed the memory card. As soon as you removed it, there was a message displayed on the camera stating that card not found. Reinserting the memory card in to the camera, again gave some error and the photos present on the device were no were to be found.

What are the different types of errors that occur in memory card?

  • No card inserted
  • Can’t read / write to card
  • Write protect error
  • No images
  • Error memory card locked
  • Card not initialized
  • Memory card not formatted error and others

Errors occur in memory card as result of:

  • Virus infection is one of the main reasons that causes memory card error as it may damage the file system leading to loss of entire photos stored in it
  • Sudden loss of power when the user is accessing memory card for transferring of image files can lead to some error in memory card
  • Abrupt halt in the format process can sometimes lead to memory card corruption, which may generate some error when it is being accessed
  • Using the memory card on multiple systems can also cause its damage, leading some errors when the storage media is being used

About the Photo Recovery Utility:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the most used application, when it comes to recover photos after memory card error. There is no need to get worried, just install Yodot Photo Recovery application in the system and follow the instructions that are provided for easily getting back the lost photos from memory card. The restored list of image files is presented in a particular order so that the user does not find any difficulty in getting back the required information. Along with the recovery of pictures, the user can easily restore other media files like music files, video files and so on. After the completion of the rescuing process, the user can preview the photos before saving them on the respective destination location as available to the user.

Easy steps to recover photos from memory card with error:

Click on this link to download and then install Yodot Photo Recovery tool in the computer. On completion of the installation process, the user can preview the shortcut icon that is present on desktop. The options that are present on the main screen of the application are Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery. Click on Lost Photo Recovery and then proceed to the next screen where the list of drives present in the system is listed. Now click on the drive that represents the memory card and then click on the next option. Here the lists of files types that can be recovered are listed, select the required ones and proceed to the Next screen. After the completion of the restoring process, the user can preview the retrieved photos before saving them on the desired destination location.

Backup Steps:

  • Keep back up of the photos in more than one separate external hard drive
  • Install god antivirus protection to prevent virus infection
  • Avoid abrupt removal of memory card during transfer process