Get Data from Formatted Drive

Hard drives are the best used storage devices to store multiple data on desktops, laptops and other electronic gadgets. Hard drive on a computer stores all its data including many program files responsible for system performance. Usually the hard disks will be partitioned into separate sectors in order to boost the drive performance. These hard drive sectors are called Partitions / Volumes. Partitions are always independent of each other and operate similar to operating system.

Data stored in one partition of a hard drive will not be affected by other partitions. However one can easily lose data from hard drive partitions as a result of numerous reasons. Most common among them is drive formatting. Formatting process initializes the memory space of the drive by erasing all the registry file entries of the data saved on that drive / partition.

Here is one scenario in which data from the hard drive might get lost. Recently one of the partitions in my desktop drive was corrupt and whenever I tried to open the files saved under that partition an error message used to pop up. It stating like this, ‘The partition X is not formatted. Format it now.’ So I was left with only one option i.e. to format the partition. But while trying to format that partition, I unfortunately formatted the other partition in which I had saved very important files. As I had no backup of those data, I lost those crucial files from the drive partition. Such kind of data loss from drives and partitions can be handled if recovery software is at your finger tips.

Certain scenarios which users encounter and lose data from drives are mentioned below:

  • Formatting the drive without backup – Accidental formatting drive will make one to lose data only when the user does not possess any backup
  • Formatting during reinstallation of OS – There are certain times during reinstallation of operating system, when the process asks to format certain partition and without conducting this action the installation process will not precede which in turn leads to data loss
  • Viruses – Viruses are the most common reason behind formatting any drive. When the drive / its partition are affected by harmful viruses, the data on that drive will become inaccessible. And in order to reuse the drive, it has to be formatted which results in data loss
  • Other reasons – When you insert any external devices to access its data you might accidentally perform format of that drive which results in loss of data

Many such data loss scenarios can be easily handled if you utilize Yodot Hard drive recovery software. You can successfully get data from formatted drive with the utilization of this recovery program. This utility also restores entire formatted data from other storage devices like removable hard disks, USB flash drives, flash memory cards, drive partitions, etc. It desperately retrieves all file types such as MS Office files – Word documents, text files, spread sheets, PowerPoint presentation files; media files – images, videos clippings, audio tracks; and many other file types proficiently. This recovery program can restore lost data from drives / partitions having FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT file systems.

Given below are the steps to be followed in utilizing this recovery product:

First and foremost go to the site or just press here to download the software and install it on the system. Make sure that there is sufficient free memory on the drive to install the software. Later select for ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’ option and continue with the process. Select the drive or the partition from which you want to restore formatted data. The software scans for complete formatted data and gives you a list of all recoverable files. Select the ones you want to get back and mention the location to store those recovered files.