How to Convert FAT to NTFS File System without Data Loss?

Are you sure about conversion of FAT to NTFS without Data Loss? Does it really exist?

Absolutely! It is possible to convert File system from FAT to NTFS without losing a single bit of data. Well, before getting to know about the convert mechanism it’s good to know the necessity for such conversion process.

File systems are utilized to store and regulate data on storage media like Flash drives, Hard drives, CD, DVD and many more. File system is being employed in almost every part such as Mac/Windows operating systems, mobile systems and other type of electronics devices. The physical location of every data on the storage device is indicated by its file system. The data is set up in folders called directories.

Why should I convert File system from FAT to NTFS?

Compared to FAT, NTFS is advantageous in case of performance related to security. In NTFS, disk repair program is used for self-repairing function. NTFS is a recoverable file system that uses log files and checkpoint information for automatic recovery. NTFS allows to compress disk, manage dynamic disk, encrypt data and also allocate disk quota. Opt for NTFS if file size exceeds 4gb, and hard disks above 32gb. And there are a lot more why New Technology File System is preferred rather than FAT system.

Majority users convert NTFS to reach stability, security and compatibility. For smaller drives, files and better recovery tools FAT is preferred.

Why not go for both? Is it possible?

In such cases, set some FAT to run recovery tools like scandisk and then set the rest to NTFS for better security on personal files, support for large files.

Arriving at climax, the procedure that to be followed to convert FAT to NTFS file system is here!

Step 1: Go to Computer and make a note of drive that needs conversion

Step 2: Click on Start

Step 3: Run command prompt using Window+R combination and type cmd

Step 4: now type chdsk g: /f (here g represents drive letter)

Step 5: Type convert G: /FS:NTFS and execute it

Step 6: conversion takes place. Conversion was successful will be displayed. Right click on properties to check

But there is no chance of converting from NTFS TO FAT. If you need to reconvert from FAT to NTFS, then you’ll have to reformat entire drive. And moreover there is possibility of losing abundant data.

Be cautious about this before starting conversion process!

Whatever might be the case whether from FAT to NTFS or from NTFS to FAT, taking a formal backup of data will be appreciated to avoid data loss disasters.