How to Get Back Flash Files?

Flash files are more commonly saved in SWF file format (Shock Wave Flash). These files are mainly used hike up the performance in graphics, animations and plug-ins. Nowadays these flash files are used more commonly through internet for previewing of videos online, online games also consist of flash files as the flash files are compatible with all resolutions (works effectively on minimum requirements).

Be it games, videos or any other means in which these flash files are used, there are certain times in which these flash files get corrupted as a result of virus infection or due to system crash when the flash files are being processed. Below mentioned are common scenarios that can cause loss of flash files from Windows computer.

Some of the reasons that lead to loss / deletion of flash files from Windows computer are:

  • Harmful virus infections may be one of the major reasons that lead to loss of flash files from Windows system. These viruses damage the header of all the files making them inaccessible
  • Abrupt halt to the formatting process of the logical drive present in your PC can cause damage to the file system as a result of which access to the files on partition is blocked
  • Sudden loss of power or system shutdown when the user is sharing the files on external storage media can lead to valuable information loss
  • While trying to remove some unwanted files from the system, you accidentally happen to select the flash files and press the Shift Delete keys which removes the files permanently without saving them Recycle Bin folder

Above mentioned are the scenarios that may occur to you at any point of time. Just calm down! There is no need to get upset if you are facing any one of the scenarios as you can effectively get to know how to rescue flash files with the help of Yodot File Recovery tool.

Recovering Flash Files:

Yodot File Recovery is the best recovery program present that can rescue your flash files which get lost or deleted as a result of various scenarios mentioned above. Developed with powerful scanning algorithms, you can effectively restore your flash files without facing any difficulty. The best feature of Yodot File Recovery tool is that it won’t allow you to restore files to the same destination location from where file loss has taken place thereby preventing overwriting of data. Apart from retrieving flash files, the user can also get back audio files, video files, images, ZIP files, RAR files, PST files, MS Office files and many others which are lost or deleted from Windows operating system. If you face any issues while recovering files from the storage media, all that needs to be done is to call in our 24/7 technical support team who will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Follow the simple steps to recover flash files from Windows OS:

Click on this link to download Yodot File Recovery tool. Install the application by logging in as local system administrator. As soon as the installation process gets completed you will be provided with the shortcut icon on the desktop. Launch the application and follow the simple steps that will help you to get back your flash files that are lost or deleted due to various scenarios. From the main screen of the program click on Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery whichever scenario that has lead to loss of flash files from the storage media. Once the option is selected, you are taken to the next screen where the list of drives present in the system is listed. Select the one from where loss of files has taken place and get to the scanning process. On completion of the scanning process, the user can view the list of files before saving them to the respective destination location as available to the user.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Keep backup of the flash files in separate external hard drive
  • Install best antivirus protection to prevent virus infection
  • Double check the files before deleting them