How to Recover Data from HTC Evo Smartphone?

“I was trying to learn by practically exploring the features of my new HTC Evo phone. While doing so, I clicked on ‘Restore’ option on my phone after which I could not find my files. Only basic files which were present while I purchased phone are there. From one of a friend I got to know that files were lost as phone is restored to factory settings. What shall I do now to get back lost files? I want them as I do not have other copy of those files.”

Above may be a case with you also. You may be very curious to discover features on HTC Evo which is one of the best Android Smartphones that anyone would love to own. It comes with built in Beats Audio that adds to sound quality which you had never experienced before. This HTC phone allows you to capture HD videos and crystal-clear photos instantaneously whenever you want. Its kickstand gives you feel of watching videos as on television. All these features and much more can be enjoyed if you have one in hand. Meanwhile these phones are not free from data loss. If you are bit negligent, then you may lose favorite files from HTC Evo. Do not bother much as you can retrieve deleted or lost files from HTC Evo using Android recovery software.

Android recovery software lets you retrieve files from HTC Evo lost due to various scenarios as mentioned below:

  • Deleting files on HTC Evo inadvertently while deleting unwanted files
  • Formatting HTC Evo intentionally or unknowingly before taking backup of valuable files on it
  • Card corruption due to improper handling like using it on different devices frequently, pulling out memory card when device is in use, etc.
  • Infection of some dreadful viruses via internet or from system to which it is connected
  • File transfer interruption because of loose connection in data card, sudden power outage and so on

Whatever may be the cause for file loss, you can perform HTC Evo recovery using Yodot Android Data Recovery. Some of the significant features of the software are given below:

Yodot Android Data Recovery software can be used to retrieve files from HTC Evo. This tool helps you get back files from internal memory as well as external memory of Android phones. You can retrieve various types of files like PDF files, documents, photos, music files, movies, etc. using this software. You can even restore any application files (.apk files) that are lost from the Android device. The software even restores files from different models of HTC Smartphones including HTC Butterfly, HTC Sensation, HTC One, HTC Desire V, X, etc and other Android phones on Windows computer. The tool is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 8 OS computers.

Carry out below procedure for recovery of data from HTC Evo Smartphone:

Go here to download software, Yodot Android Data Recovery. Install tool on any Windows PC and connect HTC Evo to it. Run the software and select “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” from main screen. Select drive of HTC Evo from next screen and click on “Next”. Select file types that you want to restore and click on “Next”. Software scans drive and displays files in it. You can view retrieved files in “Data View” and “File Type View”. Preview recovered files and save them on computer drive.