How To Recover HFS Plus Volume

Have you accidentally formatted your HFS plus Volume? Are you disappointed thinking that you will be never able to get it back? Well, earlier it was very difficult to get erased files back. But now getting back deleted or lost files have become an easier task. With the availability of lots of recovery software you can easily recover all the files from your HFS plus Volume.

HFS Plus or HFS+ is a file system which had been introduced by Apple Inc. HFS Plus is an improved version of HFS,  that supports much larger files. It is also one of the formats used by iPod, digital music player, etc. It is considered as a reliable and stable file system for Mac operating system. However, inspite of having good features, you may encounter the problem i.e data loss. There are many situations due to which you will end up losing important data. Some of them are:

  • If the hard drive fails whose file system is HFS plus, then you cannot access the files from it. Hard  drive failure happens when it malfunctions i.e if it is attacked by virus
  • You may accidentally format the HFS plus drive that you were not supposed to and this results entire data loss from your hard drive
  • If there is any corruption in Master Directory Boot then you cannot access the HFS plus files. MDB keeps the volume information like volume signature, its details on creation and modification, number of files etc. Any corruption in MDB leads to data loss
  • The file and directory which is present in your HFS plus Volume is managed by catalogue file. If this catalogue file gets corrupted then you can’t access the files and hence results in data loss
  • If power failure occurs while accessing files from your HFS plus drive then it leads to data loss from it

However, in order to make yourself free from data loss situations, you have to adapt some precautionary measures. Maintain the backup of important files so that if you face any data loss problem, you can easily restore from the backup. It is suggested that you download an efficient antivirus software to get rid of the virus. Most importantly, if you come to know that you have lost something from your HFS plus Volume, stop using it immediately and do not try to add anything into it. Instead search for the software that could help you to recover all the files from your HFS Volume. As you know, there are many softwares but you should utilize the software that gives better result. The below explained software is the one that you can easily trust and download without any doubt.

Yodot Mac File Recovery software would assist you in  getting rid of data loss and hence recover HFS, HFS plus, HFSX etc. This software is very much skilled of recovering all the HFS plus files. You need not send your Mac machine or any other external device to an expensive data recovery service, simply install the software on your Mac and it will recover all the data according to your needs. The steps on how to recover HFS plus Volume are mentioned below:

Download Yodot Mac File Recovery software. Press here. Once you download the software, install it to begin the recovery of HFS plus files. The main screen shows two options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Choose “Deleted File Recovery” option for recovering deleted HFS plus files otherwise “Lost File Recovery” option for lost or formatted files. Now, the software will show all the volumes present on your Mac hard drive. Choose the HFS+ volume from which files are to be recovered. The software will scan the entire volume and will display all the recoverable files. Choose the files that you need to recover and then click “Next”. Preview the files before saving in order to confirm that you have selected the right one to recover. Choose the preferred location for saving the recovered files