How to Recover Lost Data from Windows 7?

Your system used to freeze while accessing files and surfing internet. So to get rid of freezing problem, you have decided to reinstall Windows 7 operating system. But before you reinstall, you forgot to backup important files and folders. As a consequence of reinstallation, your hard drive got formatted and you lost entire data present on Windows 7 system. In such circumstances, you might feel bad thinking of your mistake.

However don’t get disappointed!!! Formatting doesn’t remove your data. It just creates new file system and clears the files present on your computer hard drive. So even though you cannot access data present in your Windows 7 computer, it still exists until new files overwrites lost file space and you can restore data using proper hard drive recovery software.

Before you move further to download the software, it is necessary to know how does data gets lost from your Windows 7 computer. If you have idea about this, you can be careful in future. Below listed are few of them:

  • Virus Attack: When Windows 7 computer is attacked with the viruses, you may lose some files without any notification. In some cases, dangerous viruses may spread widely and slows down the access speed and forces the user to format the drive
  • Unbootable OS: When you switch on Windows 7 computer, it looks for the boot instructions in the BIOS known as boot sequence. In case if boot sector is corrupted, the booting process is interrupted and the hard drive becomes unbootable
  • Improper System Shutdown:  If you have not closed any files or application while switching of Windows 7 computer, it shows the message and asks whether you want to shutdown system forcefully. If you continue further and ignored the message, then you will lose your files from Windows 7
  • Windows 7 Crash: Crash of Windows 7 operating system can lead to loss of valuable information saved on your computer. Windows 7 OS may crash due to bad sectors on hard drive, hard drive issues, partition table corruption, software malfunction or other issues with hardware issues that OS cannot handle

There are several other unknown instances which make you lose data from Windows 7 computer. But whatever may be the reason, you can restore lost data from Windows 7 with the assistance of recovery software preferably Yodot Hard Drive Recovery. The files restored from this application can be sorted according to the file name, file type, creation date etc. so that you can easily locate the required file without wasting much time. It not only supports Windows 7, but other computers and laptops working on Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server operating systems. If you are less technically skilled and thinking how to restore data without having proper knowledge, then you will be glad to know that the steps are too easy that you won’t find any complications while restoring your lost data.

Follow below-given steps to make your recovery easy:

Download and install hard drive recovery software to your computer or laptop. Check out here. If the hard drive is crashed then disconnect it from your computer and connect it to healthy Windows computer. Run the software and follow the onscreen instructions as shown by this software. Select any option from the two options i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”. Select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option out of the two to restore lost data. Choose the drive from where you want to recover files and click on “Next” button. The application starts scanning process and displays all the recovered files from Windows 7 in two views namely “Data Type” and “File Type”. Select files by making use of these two view types. At the end, save restored files to the desired destination location on your Windows computer