How to Repair Corrupted Word 2003 File?

Word file may get corrupted sometimes and if you have any important data in it then it is really despairing condition. In such situations, you can restore them if you have any other source of that file. If not then you need to repair it on your computer. There are few methods to get your Word 2003 documents fixed. Try running CHKDSK and if something is wrong at file system level of computer drive in which Word file is saved then it will be fixed and you could open the Word 2003 file. You can even try rebuilding header of Word file, extract RAW text, use text converter on Word, use Open and Repair which is inbuilt Word repair tool on Windows. If you can get back access to Word document data then it is well and good. Otherwise, you need to rely on third party software. You can repair corrupt Word 2003 document using efficient repair tool.

Preventing Word file corruption is better than repairing it after corruption. You can save your time to repair Word file as well as be free of worries. Have a glance at corruption scenarios of Word files as given below:

  • Transfer interruption: Transferring process of Word 2003 file may leave it in corrupted state. Either between two drives on computer or any other external storage drive, transfer process gets interrupted due to sudden system shut down or loose connection in loop
  • Round tripping: When you convert Word files from one format to the other and convert it to the previous format again then it gets corrupted sometimes
  • CRC error: Word files will be having unique CRCs, if there are any changes in Word 2003 document then Word file gets corrupt
  • Macro virus: Macro viruses are programmed to corrupt Word documents by targeting them. Macro viruses incorporate undesired text to Word file to corrupt it

Apart from above scenarios there are various other reasons due to which Word 2003 files get corrupt. After any corruption scenario, you can fix Word file using effective repair software like Yodot DOC Repair. Some important features of repair software are as follows:

Yodot DOC Repair helps you to fix corrupt Word 2003 documents on Windows system. It supports DOC file repair on different drives like internal and external hard drives, flash drives, iPods, etc. on Windows computers. This tool is capable of repairing Word files on drives having NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT file systems. You can fix Word files if you have 2000 to 2010 Office suite version on computer. OS like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are supported by this utility.

Detailed procedure to fix corrupt Word 2003 .doc file:

Download Word 2003 document by going here and install it on Windows system. Run the program and browse to locate corrupt Word 2003 document and click on “Repair”. The utility starts scanning selected Word file to fix it. After successful completion of DOC file repair, you can preview it by clicking on “Click Here to preview file”. Then save it on location on computer drive using “Save” option.