How to Restore Excel File on Mac?

“I had been using these Excel files for very long time. One day as upon completion of my work on the respective file, I had to send the final report to my team lead. Everything working going on well, until there was this sudden power cut for fraction of second which resulted in abrupt system shutdown. When I restarted the system and tried to access the Excel file for sending the mail, to my surprise, a message popped out stating that the excel file is corrupt and cannot be opened. What to do now? I badly need access to them as quick as possible. ”

This type of scenario can occur to any one at any instant of time. It’s always better to keep backup of all the excel files in a separate drive so that it can be easily recovered if any data loss scenario occurs. If the back up of your excel file is not maintained then the best thing to do is to use file recovery application for restoring deleted or lost excel files from Mac operating system.

What are the reasons that lead to loss of Excel files from Macintosh computer?

Accidentally emptying the Trash folder without checking its contents can lead to the deletion of all the Excel files that were saved in the Trash folder

Formatting the wrong volume during the partitioning process, leads to the removal of all the excel files that present in the respective volume

Use of Command+shift+delete keys while trying to remove the excel file will permanently remove the excel file without sending it to Trash folder

Sometimes using the restore factory settings option while trying to edit some system settings can cause loss of excel files that were saved in the respective volume

Mac Excel File Recovery:
Here is the best option that is present to recover excel files that were deleted or lost from Mac operating system as a result of the scenarios that are mentioned above. After the completion of the installation process, the user can easily launch the application that is provided with simple graphical user interface and an easy list of options for getting back the excel files. The user can not only recover excel files on Mac  computer, but can also restore audio files, video files, photos and other types of files that are saved in the computer. On completion of the recovery process, the user can preview the files in Data View and File Type View as per his needs.

Follow the simple steps to restore the Excel files that are lost or deleted from computer:

Press here to download the Yodot Mac File Recovery application. Install the program by logging in as local system administrator. As soon as the installation process gets completed, the user can view the shortcut icon on the desktop, using which the application can be launched. The options that will be present on the main screen of the tool are Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery. Click on the desired option that has resulted in loss of Excel files from the computer and follow to the next screen where the list of drives from the system will be shown to you. Select the respective one from where the Excel files were lost and then get to the scanning process. As soon as the recovery process gets completed, the user can preview the list of files that are restored. Now, at last save them on the respective location as available to the host operating system user.

Helpful Tips:
Install antivirus program to prevent virus infection in the Macintosh computer

Keep backup of all the data in a separate external hard drive

Always check the contents of Trash folder before emptying it

Follow proper procedure while exiting Microsoft Excel application