Is There Any Way to Retrieve Deleted And Lost Files?

Hi everyone,

During file transfer process I lost few files from my Windows system. I connected my pen drive to Windows system to transfer few data. During file transfer process suddenly system got shutdown due to power fluctuation. Later I re start my system, I am unable to find files in external as well as in internal device. Now how can I retrieve it? Is there any relevant method? If yes, please help me out

Human always make mistake while deleting files or sometime they may lose the files due to unknown reasons. One of the best method to avoid such circumstance is maintaining backup at regular interval of time.

Reason for losing and deletion files from Windows:

  1. One may erase their files using command prompt
  2. One may hit onDon’t move files to Recycle Bin, Remove files immediately when deleted” option, it will removes entire files from Recycle Bin
  3. If Recycle Bin exceeds its storage space then there may be a chance of losing files permanently
  4. Deleting files externally when storage device is connected to Windows system
  5. While restoring eared files from Recycle Bin one may accidently hit on “Delete” option instead of “Restore”
  6. Accidentally formatting Windows drive will erase entire files stored on it

When you cross such situation, you may lose or sometimes you may mistakenly delete your impotent files. So while performing such task user must be careful. Otherwise you may end up with losing of files. Is there any way to retrieve deleted and lost files? Off course, there is simple tool called Yodot File Recovery software. By employing it you can retrieve files in simple steps.

Retrieving of deleted and lost files with simple tool

By employing Yodot File Recovery application you can restore deleted or lost files with simple steps. It has recover file types like txt, exe, xls, pdf, ppt, pst, jpg, mp3, mp4, zip, rar, documents, program files and many more from Windows system. It has ability to regain missing or hidden files from Windows system. You can also regain deleted or lost files from storage device as well as from internal device. You can rescue deleted or lost files from drives / partitions formatted with FAT, NTFS, exFAT, vFAT and ReFS file systems. You can install this program on Windows 01, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, 2008 and Windows 8 operated systems.

Follow file recovery procedure

Download Yodot File Recovery tool and install it on Windows computer->Launch the toll with simple instruction->Click on “Deleted File Recovery” option to proceed->Utility will provides a list of logical and physical drives present on the system->Select the drive and click on Next option->Once scanning process get ends, you can view regained files in 2 forms like “Data and File” type view->Finally save the files in desired location on Windows system