MacKeeper, Apple security program

MacKeeper is security program for Mac computers; it was released in 2010 and celebrates its fifth birthday in the month of April. Get to know about Mac and your personal Mac certificate expert who can scan and fix risky item remotely by reading here

Having human expert is sophisticated problem, where scanning software may be ignored and quickly solved. The system status will appear whenever you open MacKeeper to support you by monitoring present condition. A simple quick view of any cleaning process makes it easier to keep Mac system in well condition. If status shows any risk items, it simply runs to find and fix, then get support from Apple certified experts. MacKeeper easily removes scrap files which occupies more space on hard drive and slows down Mac system. It helps user to avoid future scarp just by sweeping old software beneath rug when user try to delete them. When any software is dragged to Trash on Mac machine, then those files do not serve any longer and waste space. Deleting unwanted files can free up space on Mac and just by glancing the size of files on hard drive, you can tell which file is occupying most space. It takes control on your Mac by checking which app is launched when you start system every time. MacKeeper helps you to keep your personal files invisible to anyone without correct password and protects your sensitive information. MacKeeper’s anti theft technology helps to get back lost computers with law enforcement agencies all over the world.

MacKeeper is determined by accusation as it overstates security threats to convince clients to buy. Its hostile marketing made MacKeeper to come up in all web. This application was created in Kiev, Ukraine, by a company known as ZeoBIT. That place is a hub for lower cost software development and outsourcing. Unfortunately, a case has been filed on MacKeeper regarding false flagged performance and security problem in May 2014. An Australian company evaluated this antivirus program on OS X, MacKeeper, warned as ‘Serious’ due to more scarp files. After repairing few files, it starts to warn as more than 1500 of them need to be cleaned- but it’s possible only after purchasing full version of that app. Finally, ZeoBIT proposed settlement over MacKeeper.

However, MacKeeper not only protects your Mac machine, it also helps to run faster and most of the user can confirm that MacKeeper is a keeper.