Recover Data from Formatted Partition

Partition means dividing a hard disk drive into multiple logical storage units. In Mac OS, the partition is referred as Volume. People prefer partitioning the hard drive in order to install multiple operating systems. Other than OS, you can also store various documents, presentations, music, images, video files and many more on the partitions. But there are some situations, where you format the partition and face data loss situations.

Few of the common situations that results in formatting partitions on Mac hard disk are explained below:

  • Sometimes intentional formatting of the storage device is required to make it free from viruses or corruption. To get rid of viruses you might use anti-virus, however many a times the antivirus fails to remove viruses or other malwares. In such case you must format the partition to get rid of those viruses
  • While carrying out reinstallation process, it asks you whether you want to format the existing partition. Without noticing, if you give command to format the partition then it gets formatted leading to data loss
  • Sometimes you format your Mac partition accidentally, for example you wanted to format your D: drive. But in a hurry you selected E: drive and formatted it
  • You also need to format your Mac partition, if you want to convert your file system from one to another. Which results in data loss

After facing these situation people generally feel that the data from the formatted partition is permanently gone. However, not exactly even if you are data is not visible, you can still get it back using a good data recovery software.

There are several recovery software’s available online that helps you recover formatted partition from Mac. But choosing the right one should be your first priority. Yodot Mac Data Recovery software helps you perform formatted partition recovery on Mac. It not only recovers formatted partition but also assist in recovering lost partition. It is a trustworthy software that helps to recover all your files safely and quickly. But before you use this software, make sure you stop adding any new data to the formatted drive or partition in order to avoid overwriting. This software is very friendly that can assist you in getting back files without any complications. Follow all the steps given below in order to recover data from formatted partition

Download the software and install it to your computer. Press here to download. Once the installation gets completed run it to see the steps involved in the recovery process. You will see two options provided on the window. “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”. Click on “Formatted/Reformatted” option to move further. The application will scan and show all the physical drives present on your system. After you select physical drive, the software starts scanning and displays the partition present in it. The software again starts scanning and displays the recovered files from the formatted partition. Make use of the two view types “Data type” and “File type” which makes your recover process easier. Preview the files before saving and save recovered files to your desired location like external hard drive, CDs or DVD.