Recover Files from Formatted Volume

If you are reading this page then you might have accidentally formatted a volume containing vital data. And you are here to find the solution to recover those important files right? Then you are into right place. Read the article to know solution for this problem.

It is very difficult when a whole volume get formatted resulting in huge data loss situation. Let’s take an example, imagine that one of your drive or volumes saves very crucial files, but when you try to open it and access files, you failed. The system prompts that this drive needs to be formatted for further use. At this critical moment, you cannot just agree to ‘Format disk’ in order to use the drive as usual. If you format and lose some vital files, what will you do to recover them? For that, it is advised to make use of reliable data recovery software. Read further to know about a trustworthy recovery tool.

Reasons for formatting the system volume:

  1. Due to some unknown reasons the system volume gets corrupt and indicates to format
  2. To free up Mac hard disk space for saving new data you might go for format process

Now it is time to know about a suitable data recovery software. A recommended application to recover files from formatted volume is Yodot Mac Data Recovery. It is having a user friendly interface which can be operated even by a novice user. It is developed with advanced scanning technology, which scans selected drive or volume sector by sector and locate lost files easily. This software is safest because it does not modify original content of the file. In addition to formatted, the tool can also bring back deleted, lost or inaccessible files. It is capable of regaining 300 types file formats. Along with Mac hard drive, this utility can easily extract data from external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards etc. It also facilitates file recovery from emptied trash, non-bootable, re-formatted and re-partitioned Mac volumes. It has a unique feature namely, ‘Save Recovery Session’ option which enables you to save the scanning process in order to avoid re-scan. One can install this tool on all the systems having Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite Mac operating systems.

Steps to use the software:

  1. Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software on Mac machine
  2. Launch the utility and go through given instruction to proceed the recovery process
  3. From the given two options, select ‘Formatted / Reformatted’ recovery option
  4. Then tool will display a list of available volumes of computer, choose the formatted volume and proceed
  5. Too will scan the formatted volume and displays recovered files and folders on the logical drive
  6. Choose the files which you wanted to recover and save them into an desired destination location