Recover Files from USB Drive

Universal Serial Bus commonly known as USB is storage devices that people use to store and transfer important data. It is loved by users due to its small size and portability feature; these devices have gradually replaced CDs and floppy disks, which were used to store data. However this doesn’t signify that these devices are safe, data loss can happen to these devices as well and at any time. So, if you have lost data from your USB drive device and are in a search for recovery software then read this article to find out. Before that let see some of the main reasons for file loss from USB devices:-

  • Human Mistakes: Human errors like accidentally deleting files from USB device is one of the main reasons for data loss from USB devices
  • Format: Formatting the USB device due to format error as soon as the USB device is connected to the computer
  • Mishandling the device: Using the same USB device on different operating system or removing the USB device improperly leads to data loss
  • Transfer error: Removing the USB device during copying or transfer process
  • Virus infection: Deadly virus / malware attack on the USB device result in corruption and in turn result in data loss
  • Power failure: Sudden power failure while accessing the USB drive and many more reasons

The data lost from USB devices can be easily recovered with the help of third party powerful file recovery software which are easily available on the market and Yodot File Recovery is one such powerful file recovery tool, which helps you recover all deleted and lost files from your USB device in a very easy and efficient way. The tool is one of the finest utility to recover files from USB drive. For more information on the product press here and to use the software to recover the data click here

 Salient features:-

  • Recover files from other storage device like hard disk, pen drives, memory cards, external hard drives and many more
  • Supports file recovery from FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5 and exFAT file systems
  • Compatible to run on all the latest Windows operating system
  • Retrieves music, documents, video, photos and many other different files

USB drive recovery procedure:-

Download the file recovery application and install the software to a healthy Windows computer->Plug in your USB drive to that computer->Launch the application and stick to the procedure->Use “Deleted File Recovery” option to rescue your erased data or use “Lost File Recovery” option to retrieve your lost data->The tools scans the computer and displays all the logical and external devices (USB drive)-> Choose the drive which represents your USB drive and click on “Next” button-> The tool starts the scanning process and shows all your deleted / lost files from the selected drive->Choose the files or folders which you would like to recover->You can also preview the recovered files before saving->Finally, Save the recovered files to your desired destination location but not on to the same USB drive