Recover iPod Files On Mac

Have you lost favorite and precious iPod music files, videos or photos? Are you searching for the way to get them back? Then stop searching anymore because you can easily get back all the files with the help of a photo recovery software.

iPod is one of the media player popular currently and preferred by all the Apple fans. To some point, iPod has become one part of human life. Whether you are in the office, going for a stroll, in the bus or around the house, iPod is the solution for your music needs. Usually, you store most of your media files on this multimedia portable players, which you consider important. Maybe these media files have been collected for long time. Though the usability of iPods is increasing day to day, data loss might happen at any point. This mainly happens due to many reasons.

Here are some situation that leads to data loss from your iPod

  • Improper disconnection – If you improperly remove iPod when connected to Mac machine then the data present it cannot be seen when you put it again in the same position. The inaccessibility of the files shows that you have lost data from it
  • Accidental deletion – You may accidentally delete all the files from the iPod by selecting restore option in the iPod. When you restore your iPod, all the files will be deleted, and default settings will be enabled
  • Sudden Power Failure – If there is a power failure while the iPod is connected to the Mac machine, then it may affect the files present in the iPod resulting in loss of media files
  • Virus infection – Some infectious virus corrupt your iPod and hence makes your media files inaccessible
  • Wrong usage – If you connect your iPod whose file system is HFS+, to windows, then it will be formatted to FAT file system. This results in data loss

Nothing is worse than losing your important files without your knowledge. However, you can avoid above situations by following some of the precautions. Before transferring any file to your iPod, checkout for available space. Download a good antivirus software to get rid of the virus. Never use Shift + Delete key combination for deleting files. Use “Safely Remove Hardware” option while ejecting iPod from your Mac machine.

Even after following all the above mentioned precautions, if you lost any file then you need to make use of any good software in order to recover it.  However, out of many recovery software, you have to choose best one. Always choose the software that has free trial version to know about the features of the software.

One of the software that you can trust easily without any doubt is Yodot Photo Recovery Software. Apart from recovering files from iPod, it also recovers media files from any other kind of removable devices such as pen drive, memory card, etc. It supports all the versions of Mac and can recover files from iPod Classic, Mini, Shuffle and Nano. It also provides demo version by utilizing which, one can easily find out working of the software. It even allows you to import the recovered files into the desired location. Use this software to recover iPod files on Mac

Follow the recovery steps mentioned below:

Connect your iPod to the Mac machine by making use of USB cable. Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application to your Mac machine and install it. Click here. After installation, run the software. The main window will display two options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Choose any one from the option. After selecting appropriate option the software will display all the physical drives, found in your system. Select the drive to recover and click “Next. The software starts scanning the iPod drive and displays all the found files in a Mac finder styled interface. Make use of the two view types “Data type” and “View type”. Preview the files before saving them for confirmation and finally save them to the required location. But make sure to save it in different location.