Recover Outlook PST File after Format

“While re-installing the OS on my Windows PC, I had to format the system drive in order to continue the process. As I knew that formatting the drive will erase all data, I had taken backup copies of all files present on the drive. But, still I am not able to find my Outlook PST file that had crucial information. How to recover Outlook PST file after format of system drive? Please suggest me a good solution”

In the above mentioned scenario, hard drive formatting erased all program files and other application files that are present in Local Drive (C:) which also includes Outlook PST file. This was because; the drive was formatted using complete format option. Thus, you faced Outlook PST file loss. Microsoft Outlook PST file holds vivid attributes like emails, tasks, contacts, appointments, files, folders, etc. and hence losing PST file will be a big disaster if there is no backup.

In addition to above mentioned scenario, there are several other reasons that may lead to hard drive format and hence Outlook PST file loss. Let us glance at few of them here:

  • During installation of multiple OS on your computer system, there are chances of hard drive getting completely erased
  • And while trying to format any externally connected drive on the system , you might wrongly format system drive that leads to severe loss of data
  • Repartitioning of hard drive may also force you to perform hard drive formatting during the process

When you lose files, folders, etc. from hard drive due to formatting, then you may think that data is erased. But in reality, data is not completely erased from the drive. Only the access permissions in the registry file will be erased and this makes all the data as unreadable / invisible. Hence, you will think that data is lost.

How to recover Outlook PST file lost after hard drive format?

In order to resolve lost PST file from formatted hard drive make use of third party application such as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool. It serves as the best recovery tool in retrieving PST file, Office files, html, xml, program files, media files, etc. from hard drives and other storage devices that are formatted. You can successfully get back erased files from external hard disk, flash memory cards, USB drive, etc. with this utility. This tool can be utilized on Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and on Windows 2003 OS based computers.

Procedural steps to recover Outlook PST file:

Note: Before you start the recovery process, connect your formatted hard drive to a healthy Windows system and then follow with these steps

Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on Windows system. Next install and run the utility. In the main screen you will see two options i.e. “Partition recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”. Click for second option and continue. Now the software provides a list of logical and physical drives present on the system. Select the drive that represents externally attached hard drive and click next. The software scans for lost PST file and other files on that hard disk provides a list of recoverable files. Select your PST file and other required files and proceed to save them. Then provide destination location to save those recovered files and click ‘Save’.