Regain Text from Corrupt Word File

“Hi, I downloaded a Word file from internet related to a topic on which I need to prepare for seminar presentation in my college. When I opened that file next day, I was shocked to see that half of the page containing text was missing from that Word file. I don’t know the actual reason behind that and I need to present seminar tomorrow. Please help me regarding this issue, Thanks in advance”

Plenty of people like college students and business professionals will use Microsoft Word processor to prepare their project reports, resumes and other important files. Word file is the most commonly used file format to send text documents through e-mails because everyone can read this Word file using Word option in their system. You can insert images, charts, tables apart from text with utilization of this application. However, the users of this Word processor come across many problems when Word document gets corrupted or damaged.

Why text gets deleted or erased from corrupt Word document?

  • Word File header corruption: File header contains vital information about the file like creation date, file size, file format, etc.  If any little damage to this makes text deletion from that Word document
  • Virus attack: Macro virus severely corrupt Word document that tends to removal of text in it
  • CRC errors: While transferring Word files over internet due to CRC errors Word files become inaccessible and text will be erased from it
  • Other reasons: Power surge, software conflicts, oversizing issues might cause damage to Word files that results in text deletion while working on that document

At these situations we must take actions to repair damaged Word files before it become permanently inaccessible. Yodot DOC Repair software will help you to recover text from corrupt Word file after fixing it from all damage issues.

Best Qualities of this DOC Repair tool: 

Yodot DOC Repair application is reliable and smarter as it will rescue text from corrupted Word files in an effortless manner. This fantastic utility is capable of recovering text from encrypted and password protected Word documents after resolving all damage issues. It can also restore text from Word files that are refusing to open in just short span of time. As an amazing application it provides an option to view retrieved text from corrupted Word files of various versions of MS Word like Microsoft 2007, 2010 and 2013). This tool can easily regain text along with charts, images, tables and many others inserted in Word file. It is compatible with computers running with different Windows operating system versions such as Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, server 2003 and server 2008.

Procedure to Rescue Text from Damaged word file:

As a first step you need to download and install Yodot DOC Repair software on Windows PC. Run the application using onscreen options. After launching select the corrupted Word file from which text has to be recovered. Now click on “Repair” to initiate the repair process. Watch the status of fixing task on progress tab. Once mending procedure gets completed you can view fixed Word file. Then save that Word file on to desired and safe location and access text present in it.