Repair PST after SCANPST Fails

Hi, my Outlook .pst file got corrupted while working. I have tried running scanpst.exe but the process failed indicating that “an error has occurred and the scan process failed to complete”. What should I do now? I cant afford to those files as they are very important. Is there any way to repair PST file?

Have you ever encountered above mentioned situation? If yes then do not worry! you can repair PST file easily. Scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair Tool is the authorized tool provided by Microsoft Outlook to repair Outlook related corruptions. But it can only deal with simple PST file corruption cases. It cannot assist you in the case of severe damage. In case of serious corruption scanpst.exe will destroy each and every file, thus, leaving you in disgust. Users can only witness error messages indicating the PST file is still corrupt. In such situation you are unable to access any of the file stored in the PST. Under such circumstances you need to use good repair software.

Before you go further, let us learn some knowledge about PST file. As you all know, MS outlook is an e-mail client that manages and controls inbox and outbox of your MS Outlook profile. When you store your personal information using outlook it saves these information to a file that is reffered as PST or Personal Storage table. PST file is stored on the hard drive of your computer and has different file size in each version of MS Outlook. It saves the copies of Outlook objects such as emails, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar, events, journals, folders etc. Sometimes due some reasons PST files may get damaged and as a result you might lose your important emails and other Outlook data.

PST file might get corrupted due to any of the below mentioned reasons:

  • PST file may get corrupted or damaged when Outlook exceeds its fixed size limit
  • It leads to the corruption of your PST file, if you share it with multiple users over the network
  • Upgrading Outlook from older version to newer version reults in PST file corruption
  • Improper exit of Outlook due to sudden system shutdown may cause damage to the PST file
  • PST file header gets damaged due to infectious virus on hard drive

You have to follow some precautions if you don’t want to lose your PST file. Before using ScanPST tool create the Backup of PST file. This helps you to avoid any further loss. Make sure that the size of the PST file do not exceed its limit. Most importantly, do not exit Outlook improperly. However if you forgot to follow these steps and your PST file got damaged, then you have to make use of best repair software to repair PST after SCANPST fails.

There are lots of repair software with the assistance of which you can repair your damaged or corrupted PST file. But the suggested one is Yodot Outlook PST repair. The application is very easy to use and instantly deliver results. This application is able to perform repair for entire data including emails, drafts, calendars, journal, notes, tasks, contacts etc. To check upon the software working and authenticity users can avail the free trail version of this repair tool.

Download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair software to your computer. Press here. Make sure that you terminate  Microsoft Outlook before going through the repair process. Run the application and follow the instructions that displays the screen. Three options can be seen they are “Open PST File”, ”Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Choose the option “Open PST File” if at all you know its location. To find the PST file, click on the option, “Find PST File”. Another option “Select Outlook Profile” can be used to open the PST file related to particular Outlook profile.  Make use of Normal scan option for minor damage. If there is severe damage then use Smart scan. Now browse the location to save the new PST file. After browsing the location click on “Repair” option to start the scanning process. After scanning, the software displays the repaired files in a Outlook styled menu.