Software to Recovery Data from RAW Hard Drive

To store and access data in system hard drive the file system plays main role. In order to achieve proper functioning of the hard drive it maintains each and every entry of the files in File Allocation Table.  This table is responsible for accurate data retrieval process, hence any corruption or damage to file system makes system data inaccessible. In such condition the hard disk turns to RAW. But most of the system users may unaware about why hard drive data become unreadable. One can identify the RAW drive using following indications:

  • Memory utilization of the hard disk displayed as 0 bytes
  • The status of the files system was shown as RAW under disk management
  • Name of the logical partition of the hard drive contains some wired characters
  • Operating system fails to read/write HD data, you have  to format the system

The hard drive may turn to RAW state due to some other reasons like severe virus infection, malfunctioning of the operating system, Master Boot Record corruption, hard drive crash due to hardware or software conflicts, in addition due to bad sector formation, blue screen death and abnormal system shut down the hard drive may become RAW. This leads to huge amount of data loss. But, with the advancement in technology you will get best RAW hard drive recovery software to extract data.

No matter about the reason for RAW hard drive, the efficient data recovery software called Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool will help you to get back missing data from hard drive. This software can provide guarantee for secure, safe, quick data recovery on Windows system.

Basic Features of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application:

  • Restores documents, images, audios video and other data from RAW HD of various types such as IDE, SCSI, SAS, SATA, etc
  • Rescue missing data form FAT 16, FAT 32, ExtFAT, NTFS, NTFS 5 partitions
  • Along with system hard, the software can retrieve data from other storage devices such as media cards, flash drives, external hard drives and so on
  • Compatible with all versions of the Windows operating systems (Vista, XP, 7, etc) and also its latest version Windows 8.

Step by step procedure for recovering  data from RAW hard drive:

Disconnect the RAW hard drive from your system and connect it to healthy Windows system. Use this link to download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application and install it on that computer -> Launch the software and follow the on screen procedure -> First you will find main screen with two options such as “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” -> Select “Partition Recovery option from main screen to get back lost data from RAW drive -> This tool begins scanning the entire system and displays all the drives including externally connected RAW hard drive-> Choose the drive that represents the RAW hard drive -> The software repeats the scanning process and displays all the data from RAW HD -> Select the files and folders that you want to extract from that drive -> At last browse for the target location to save recovered data