Software to Repair Corrupted Word 2010 File

Most of the Windows computer users are familiar with Microsoft Word tool that is used to create documents. Users save various information in this Word files as they are easily accessible and can be safely transferred via network or from system to other storage devices with no risk. There are various versions of Microsoft Word and Office Word 2010 is recent version among them.

The documents created in MS Word 2010 will be saved as .docx and it supports many advanced features like typesetting – OpenType ligatures, kerning, hyphenation; formatting effects like shadow, glow, bevel; spell-check, etc. that were not included in previous versions. However, there are many factors that can damage Word 2010 documents under various circumstances.

Given below are few common scenarios that cause Word 2010 file corruption:

  • Many times when DOCX file is edited or shared using online tools or web apps like Google Docs, Zoho Viewer, etc. then there is more chances of file corruption
  • Word 2010 DOCX file can get corrupt when it is infected by malicious software like Macro virus. Also, viruses infection may damage Word 2010 file header
  • CRC error is another vital factor that corrupts Word DOCX file on Office 2010
  • Frequent power surge to the system while Word 2010 file is being processed can cause severe damage to the file
  • Improper download / transfer of Word documents can also cause Word 2010 file corruption

In all these situations, Word 2010 file gets corrupt and rejects to open when tried to access it. And the only way to salvage this corrupt 2010 Word document is to repair it. To do so, you can make use of ‘Open and repair’ option provided in MS Office Word. Follow these instructions to utilize this inbuilt repair option:

Open MS Word application àGo to Office button à click on Open. Next, select the file that is corrupt and not opening. At the bottom left of the window, there will be an ‘open’ button given with drop-down list. Click on the drop down button à Select Open and Repair option. This will repair Word 2010 file corrupted due to any reasons.

If this method does not fix your corrupted Word document, then make use of Yodot DOC Repair utility to fix the damaged file. This tool can successfully repair damaged or corrupted Word documents from Microsoft Word 2010 as well as from Word 2002, 2003, 2007 and Word 2000 applications. You can utilize this tool to fix DOC and DOCX file types and to retrieve all the attributes like text, images, hyperlinks, tables and other OLE objects from corrupt Word documents.

Repair process to fix Word 2010 documents:

Click this link and download Yodot DOC Repair software on Windows system in which Word 2010 corrupted file resides. After downloading the software, install it on the system drive. Always chose to install the software on a different drive where the affected Word 2010 files are not saved. Then run the utility. In the main screen, the software asks you to choose the file that you wish to repair. Browse and select the affected Word file and click on repair button. After repairing the file, the software provides you an option to preview the file before saving it. After previewing, specify the target location where you want to save the repaired file and click save button.