Tips to Password Protect Files and Folders with Encryption

There are some situations arises where in you want to store your sensitive data on USB drive or in hard

drive so there are numerous ways to protect your files and folders with a password. Actually the

meaning of password protect file is nothing but encrypting the file so it cannot be decrypted and

understood without the encryption password. This is the most secured way to password protect your



Creating Encrypted Archive:

Windows XP let’s to create password protected ZIP files however Windows 7 doesn’t. To handle this,

you can even download a third party application. As there are number of compression programs

available, you could use, but it is recommended to use the completely free and open source 7-Zip. Once

you install the 7-ZIP, make use of it to create a new archive. You can able to specify a password for your

archive. Any files and folder you add to your .Zip file, it will be encrypted with your selected password. In

the future when you open your archive, you are required to enter the password.


Encrypt an Office Document:

Even Microsoft Office allows you to apply encryption to documents, securing them with the password.

Microsoft switched to AES encryption in Office 2007, and if you have earlier version of Office then the

encryption will be nowhere near as secure. To protect a document with password in Office 2013 or

Office 2010, then click on the file menu, click the protect document button in the section and select

Encryption with Password. Then you will be prompted to enter a password which you need to provide

every time you open the doc file in the future. For descripting the document in the future then remove

the need for a password. Other productivity programs may provide similar features.


Creating encrypted Volumes with TrueCrypt.

This TrueCrypt allow you to create encrypted volumes. TrueCrypt is a flexible encryption solution which

you can use in many ways.

  1. Create a small encrypted container stored in a file on your hard drive.
  2. Use TrueCrypt to create an encrypted volume on an USB flash drive
  3.  Encrypt your whole Windows system Drive

There are many other tools which can be used to encrypt files but the above mentioned methods some

the most powerful and easiest methods.