Unrar Corrupt RAR File

Are you unable to unrar files on your storage device? Then read ahead, to find a solution for this problem. Suppose you are transferring RAR file from one drive to the other and the process gets interrupted due to sudden power outage. When power resumes, you check for RAR file and try to unrar it. But it is not possible for you to unrar. What can be done in such situation? You had lost number of files of different types which you had compressed and saved in RAR file format. There are lots of files in it of which you do not have any other source from where you can restore them. If this is the case with you then do not panic by thinking how to unrar corrupted RAR file. You can fix them using repair software. But beware of corruption scenarios and avoid them as much as possible to save your time.

Scenarios in which RAR file gets corrupt are as given below:

  • Bad sectors on memory space where RAR file is saved, corrupt RAR files
  • RAR file corrupts when infected by viruses and you lose access to huge data in it
  • Interruption of RAR up-gradation process results in RAR file corruption
  • Incomplete download of RAR file when server is down or loss in internet connection before complete file could download
  • If you are trying to unrar file in a drive having less space than required to save unrared file

However, you can fix RAR file using RAR repair software. Yodot RAR Repair is one of the reliable RAR repair tools.

Important features of RAR repair software are as follows:

Yodot RAR Repair helps you to fix corrupt RAR file efficiently. You can get access to files compressed in it by unraring it corrupted to any severity extent. This utility can fix corrupt RAR files on storage drives like external hard drive, internal hard drive, pen drive, etc. This tool is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows server 2003 and 2008 OS and hence can repair RAR on computer with these OS.

Procedure to fix RAR file using repair tool:

Hit here to download RAR repair software and install it on Windows computer. Run the utility and use “Browse” button to locate corrupt RAR file which you want to unrar. Then click on “Repair” option. The application starts scanning corrupt RAR file and displays details of contents in RAR file after fixing RAR in short time duration. You can save them in a location on computer drive using “Select Folder” button. Then click on “Save” button to securely save unrared file.