Useful Tips For Microsoft Excel Users:

All of you are familiar with Excel sheets, which are mainly used to store records. There are some facts and shortcuts in Excel sheets, which many of you may not be knowing. Let us discuss one by one here:

  • Select Entire Data With Just One Click:

All are familiar with Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut to select all contents of a document. In Excel sheet, one click on the left corner button (located at intersection of row numbers and column names) will select all data from rows and columns.

  • Open Excel Sheets In Bulk:

When you need to handle multiple Excels files at a time, then here is a simple way to open them i.e. select the files you want to open and then hit enter key. You will see all files opening simultaneously.

  • Shift Between Different Excel Files:

When you need to work with multiple spreadsheets it is really hard to shift between different files because small changes can destroy whole project. So use Ctrl + Tab to shift between different files freely.

  • Generate A New Shortcut Menu:

Usually there are three shortcuts available on the top menu, which are Save, Undo Typing, and Repeat Typing. If you are wishing to add some more shortcuts like Cut, Copy etc. then follow the simple steps:

File>Option>Quick Access Toolbar, add Cut and Copy from lest side column to the right. Then you can see two more new shortcuts having added in top menu.

  • Insert A Diagonal Line To A Cell:

While generating a classmate address list, you may require a diagonal link in the initial cell to separate different attributes of rows and columns. For that, go to Home> Font > Borders there you will find a button to insert this diagonal line. After making changes, don’t forget to save it.

  • Add More Than One Row Or Column:

You all are familiar about adding single row or column but what if you want to insert more than one of these. You cannot waste your time by repeating the process n number of times to add several row/column. To avoid this, right click on highlighted row/column and select Insert from drop down list. Then, new rows will be added above the selected row or to the left of selected column. If you are not clear about this, then you can refer videos to know about inserting multiple rows or columns easily.

  • Move And Copy Data Rapidly

When you need to move one column of data in an Excel spreadsheet, the best way is to move the pointer to the border and as soon as it turns to a crossed arrow icon, drag to move the column freely.

All these are few of the tips, which are not familiar to many users who work with Excel sheets frequently. We may also find many other unknown facts about Excel online, which will reduce your work in preparing reports.