VCF File Missing, How Do I Recover It?

VCF file, which is also known as vCard, is a kind of address book format used widely. Users can save their contact information in the form of .vcf files on various gadgets, computer hard drives or other portable devices for future use. This is an easy way to create a backup for contacts. However, there are situations where you might come across loss of VCF files.
Let us see a real time scenario – “Hi, I had saved few important VCF files on my computer. But now I am not able to find it. Please help me bring back my .vcf files”.
This is a serious problem. Once the device with important data saved on it is missing, users may fall into endless fear. But do not panic. Keep calm and read through this article. Let us take a look at some of the causes for missing VCF files, so that you can beware of it in future.
• Accidental deletion of VCF files
• Carelessly formatting folders that contain .vcf files
• Virus infection
• Software conflicts or sudden system crash
These are some of the possible reasons behind .vcf file missing situation. When your realize that you have lost your vCard files from storage devices like system hard disk, mobile phones, Tablets, iPod, etc., immediately stop using the device for further data storage. Because saving any new data on it may overwrite the memory space occupied by lost VCF contact. There are chances to regain back your important VCF files. If you’re one among those who regularly take backups of all important data, then check your backup copy for the missing files.
Nevertheless, even if you didn’t make any backup before, there’s still a way to get back your lost VCF files as long as the space originally occupied by those contacts are not assigned to store new data. Make use of an amazing tool such as Yodot File Recovery. This application can retrieve your VCF files as well as various other file types like docx, xlsx, xml, html, exe, txt, ppt, pst, pdf, zip, rar and many more on Windows system. It also restores files/folders from hard drive, pen drive, SD card, memory stick, iPod, etc. It is supportive to different versions of Window OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.
Steps to regain back missing VCF files:
Step1: Utilize this link to download and install Yodot program
Step2: Run it and follow the instructions provided
Step3: Select “Lost File Recovery” option in the main screen
Step4: Then you will see all logical and physical drives available in the system. Choose the relevant drive from where you want to recover your .vcf files
Step5: This utility scans the selected drive and displays all retrievable files
Step6: Make use of Data View/File Type View option to have a glance at recoverable files
Step7: You can preview them by clicking on “Preview” option to see the contents of file
Step8: Lastly, browse your desired folder and save the files